Iggy Azalea Can’t Do Dat, Do Dat, Do Do Dat Dat Dat

tumblr_myy3n9aSYo1to4600o1_500oh iggy azalea.
our little princess from bleach.

the gates are open now.
everyone is finding something wrong with you.
so lets go back to 2013.
this is the fateful day she appeared on “sway in the morning”.
sway asked her to “drop a hot 16” as he usually does.
well the entire atmosphere changes shortly after that…


her face when he dropped the beat is a classic.
the “new classic”
see what i did there?
iggy drop a freestyle for us..

iggy: one two
buckle my shoe
three four
shut the door…
*proper voice* ti help!
what is the rest?

giphy“I cannot give you a hort sixtaen into these hood-arse BAET”

well “queen of rap”..
why are you here then?

too bad that verse was already on her unreleased track “new bitch”:

i don’t know what killed me more tho.

t.i. looking absolutely frightened like the gig is up
iggy’s face when the beat dropped

her face when sway dropped the beat is a classic.
the “new classic”
see what i did there?
well no actually this killed me more @:30:


*backs to proper voice*
“um im so sorry there is something wrong with my ears”

Ricky-Gervais-Hysterical-Laughterthis snow bunny’s whole career is struggle.
i guess they crowned her too fast.
t.i. is taking a super “L” with this cosign.
alas remy and nicki had to…
well watch this:

nicki starts @6:59:


and i always loved this freestyle at the cypher at the 09′ bet awards:


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7 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Can’t Do Dat, Do Dat, Do Do Dat Dat Dat”

  1. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here:

    I don’t really care too much about her music (not much of today’s music tbqh), but the hate towards her makes me wanna put a gun to my head.

    As the general public, we have the right to judge the product she provides. I just don’t understand why her success ignites so much anger.

    She’s pursuing her dream like many other people and it’s not fair to direct animosity at her for getting breaks while others struggle. At the end of the day enough people like her music and therefore she meets people’s bottoms lines. If people feel that others should represent todays music much more she is. they should do a better job of supporting those artists.

  2. I can somewhat freestyle, watch this.
    My name is Iggy Azalea
    From Australia
    Yes I am
    I’m a white bitch
    Who can fart, shit and pee all she wants
    I got my white privilege in my pocket
    Yes I do
    You can’t do anything, bitch

    I’m kidding I can’t freestyle for shit

  3. The thing about Sway in the Morning is that MOST artist go on and when sway ask them to “freestyle” they rap something they’ve already written and just freestyle it to whatever beat. Iggy just didnt get the memo…and also as for NIcki she has went on recordand said that her cypher along with the other rappers was WRITTEN and NOT a freestyle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfqgkgMOvZs this is one of nickis actual songs that she just up and freestyled and she always rapes her “gettin money” song as a freestyle.

  4. I’m sick of hearing about her. She’s clearly not as talented as her peers(Nicki & Azealia.) I feel like her being white worked for and against her. She also had the unfortunate luck of debuting around a time where internet activism is booming. Had she not gotten all of this attention from Ms.Banks and others, we probably would’ve forgotten about Iggy months ago. Wasn’t Black Widow featuring faux-Rihanna her last single? People probably wouldn’t be as hard on Iggy if she came with her own unique persona/flow like Eminem did. You’d think her being Australian would help with that.

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