Iggy Azalea Can’t Do Dat, Do Dat, Do Do Dat Dat Dat

tumblr_myy3n9aSYo1to4600o1_500oh iggy azalea.
our little princess from bleach.

the gates are open now.
everyone is finding something wrong with you.
so lets go back to 2013.
this is the fateful day she appeared on “sway in the morning”.
sway asked her to “drop a hot 16” as he usually does.
well the entire atmosphere changes shortly after that…
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George Hill Wants To Get It On


I dunno if I want to label this “15 Seconds of Lame” or “Shut Up and Fuck Me“.
I’ll let you decide….

Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Hollywood is a scary place.
It is also a very dirty place.
You seriously are going into another dimension once you cross those ropes.
Trust me when I say you would look at some of these people differently once you get backstage.
I feel for people who try and chase for stardom.
You have to have METAL skin to go through Hollywood and not be affected.

That being said,
what do you think of this?

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