Gabrielle Union: Eat Wolf Tail and Drink A Gallon of Water A Day?

sidebar: gabrielle union is still a beautiful vixen.
she doesn’t age.
i hope to age like her.
wolves love to act one way in the forests,
but will be the complete opposite in the bedroom.
more vixens/foxes are turning their wolves out.
i had a vixen tell me how she bent a whole wolf over.
one i knew!!!!
i didn’t know they were fuckin’,
but he was addicted to her.
gabrielle union seems to be one of those vixens.
she had an interview with “sway in the morning” last week.
the topic?
how she eats wolf tail.
this is what she said via tmz sports


“So, how old were you when you first ate a butt?”

That’s a real question Sway asked Gabrielle Union during his radio show in a conversation about sexual reciprocity … a conversation that has everyone grabbing some Scope. 

Gabby appeared on “Sway in the Morning” and talked openly about sex — and that’s when tossed salads appeared on the menu. 

Dwyane Wade’s wife says even though men will deny it, they enjoy a little backdoor love from women … and they’re singing a completely different tune in the bedroom. 

starts @ 15:40:

i heard that’s how evelyn lozada keeps her wolves hooked.
she allegedly had ochocinco all turned out.
i love when masculine wolves are like that.
it’s sexy af.
i love him to be dominate af,
but trusting to go down this “turn me out baby” journey with you.
you both feeling each other,
trusting each other,
and ya’ll both doing turning each other out???

bad enough cartoons been teaching us to eat the tail…

they been grooming us at a young age.

lowkey: has gabrielle been showing us lowkey signs?

i think she turned him completely out.
she owns that tail.

article: tmz sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union: Eat Wolf Tail and Drink A Gallon of Water A Day?”

  1. I worked a Charity event in Tribeca on Monday at Spring Studios and I had the pleasure of seeing Gabrielle Union in person. She is BEAUTIFUL. Her smile is unrivaled but she is mad short lol.

    Anna Wintour gave me a dirty look. Lol

    1. ^oh no anna.
      i got a different reaction when i met her f&s.
      my last job had me lowkey nervous as hell because they were doing too much…

      “make sure you do this and that…”


  2. Gabby is Gorgeous it’s no secret tho, she works out and drinks lots of water she said do years ago. I’ve notice those who have a workout regime from a younger age age better because it’s apart of their life unlike those who try later on in life.

    As far as women eating booty no it’s not just a porn thing. There are lots of them doing it, it’s just not shared as openly as pineapples doing it to vixens. It’s because in a lot of guys eyes it’s a submissive act and they equal that with either gayness or something Womanly.

  3. Maybe it’s because I don’t get the appeal of letting anyone near my ass but a woman eating a mans ass has never been sexy to me.

    I put it in the same group as being pissed on in that I don’t get the appeal. Lol

  4. I’ve had the honor of being in the same room with her. She is gorgeous in real life. I swear by that drinking water thing too. I start with two glasses in the morning when I wake up. And yup a lot of straight men like that booty licked. I’m glad more people are exploring their sexuality.

  5. A dude that eats my ass willingly without me asking gets points from me right off the bat. It’s always been sexy to me

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