Nicki Minaj’s Brother Might Have Been A Whole Rapist With His Step Daughter

this is not the time for sexual assault allegations.
nicki minaj is in the middle of an alleged big one.
not her,
but what seems like a pure bred alleged jackal in her brother,
jelani maraj.
the medical exam might prove he was raping his step daughter.
this is what the “new york daily news” has to stay…

An expert in child sex abuse testified the 11-year-old stepdaughter of rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother indicated the sixth-grader was subjected to vaginal and oral sex.

Prosecution witness Dr. Aaron Miller appeared Friday on day two of the trial against Jelani Maraj, 38, accused of repeatedly raping the little girl.

“I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that (the girl’s) medical exam can prove penetration,” Miller told the court.

Prosecutors charge Maraj, older brother of the Queens hip-hop queen, repeatedly raped the daughter of his wife – attacking her as often as four times a week.

Nikki Minaj picked up the $30,000 tab for the couple’s August 2015 wedding.

In opening statements one day earlier, prosecutors presented Maraj as a sexual predator while the defense team claimed the defendant’s wife was a gold digger seeking a $25 million payoff.

“There are 25 million reasons why this child was brainwashed to lie and make up these charges,” said defense lawyer David Schwartz. 

Maraj, arrested in December 2015, faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted on the top count at the Mineola, L.I., trial.

The trial, where the chart-topping Minaj looms as a possible witness for her brother’s defense, resumes Monday.

as much as nicki minaj annoys my whole spirit,
can we blame her in showing support for her brother?
these are all allegations as this trial goes on.
i’m trying to find the motive as to why the new wife,
who allegedly is now a “gold digger”,
would set her cub up to lie about rape?
she married him so…?

stranger things have happened tho…
this story gets crazier and crazier.
i don’t know what to believe,
but i’ll keep my nose in this story.

lowkey: i love when a bad report comes about her brother,
she allegedly finds a way to take the focus off it.
that’s loyalty.
i hope for her sake that doesn’t bite her in the cheeks.

article taken: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj’s Brother Might Have Been A Whole Rapist With His Step Daughter”

  1. Ummm something doesn’t sound clear.

    If he was possibly penetrating an 11 year old four times a week wouldn’t it show up on a medical exam? Broken hymen, vaginal tearing?

    If the mom was trying to get a payoff behind this shame on her ass too.

    I’m also surprised they haven’t found other victims. Typically this is a serial thing.

    1. There was actually a story that came out back in the day of her brother raping a girl. It said something about him telling young girls he knew nicki minaj. The story never really picked up any attention.

  2. Nicki has been having some tough luck lately, especially public image wise. Its like she can’t catch a break. Lots of folk are saying its karma cuz she’s been a bitch in the past.

    Whatever it is her brother should be ashamed of himself. Just got married and molesting his step kid. That’s fucked up. He needs jail time. You know nicki is fitting the bill for all of this. The attorney and everything. I remember when this story first broke Nicki tweeted something like don’t drop the soap and I know it was in reference to her brother.

  3. Sad story all around, and no we can’t blame Nicki for helping her brother. If Someone in my immediate family was accused of something I would be there to support them no matter what and most of us would. Unless your relationship with them is strained or something .

  4. Oh I know for sure I’m personally over her. MORAL COMPASS!! Siblings are nothing g but ppl who come out the same hole as you. Yes we love them but right is right and wrong is wrong. If you don’t support sexual assault and molestation then don’t support anyone who does it including family and friends. That little girl deserves better.

  5. It’s a video on YouTube that shows everytime there has been a new development in her brother’s rape accusations, Nicki pulled publicly stunts to divert attention away from the accusations. From the engagement ring that was posted when she was with Meek, to her paying for them college tuitions, even to her releasing music with people this year, all just so happen to been around the time of a update considering her brothers case.

  6. Many people say this is the beginning of her downfall.. If so then she has had a good run & has accomplished more than any female rapper has in her 8 year span. I went through high school listening to her so she will hold a place in my music diary despite whatever happens to her career. Nobody stays on top forever anyway, tbh it all depends on how good your team is (see: Beyonce) when it comes to longevity. But Nicki will be alright regardless. I’m just gonna sit back and watch all her so-called “celebrity” friends drop her like a bad habit when she falls and another rapper (possibly Cardi) steals the limelight. Because that’s how it goes in this industry, when you fall so do all of those fake ass hollywood friends who swore that they loved you when you were hot.

    Cardi is clearly very manufactured & propped up by her team to be the next Nicki and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. She’s on all the award shows, TV shows, Galas and big events that Nicki used to be on when she first started so I think she might be up next.. Hell even the celebs are stanning for her too so you know she got that cosign that Iggy didn’t get. Bodak Yellow is a cute song but I’m going to need more to be convinced as a fan.. I’ll hold my thoughts once I hear the album.

    Nicki better drop an album if she wants to keep her flame hot, it’s obvious that she is pushing back her music after the chart disappointments this year, despite her claiming how “good” her upcoming album is. Y’all ever notice how artists over-hype their mediocre work for publicity? Tamar did it too and her recent album was average. So did Ciara with her latest album. Nicki better deliver here, PinkPrint was good but we’re going to need her to live up to her words with this 4th album also.

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