Idris Elba Walkin’ Round Hea Looking Like The Best Meat On The Menu

tumblr_mtht7fPW9u1rap8elo6_500leg and thighs.
just how i like it.
so everyone should know idris elba right?
i prefer to call him stringer bell.
actor wolf of many dreams and fantasies.
when he busts out with his authentic english accent,
i love every last word and syllable.
i feel like this latest gq interview for october covers a lot of ground.
as well as show how sexy this man is.
it revealed some shit i didn’t even know…

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RG3 Put Me Under A Spell With My Baller Wolf Weakness

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.00.14 PMrg3,
pusha t and andre 3000 long lost brother,
is going to make me like him.

he is going to make me want him.
okay so i wont go that far.
well he decided to wear some nice clothes to get my attention.
my weakness!
l he copped the september cover for gq an…

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Trey Burke: The Rookie That Could… Dress?

tumblr_mplynwmE3i1s1y3vko2_1280i see trey burke got his invite to the 2013 espys.
he should feel proud because not everyone gets an invite.
trey looks nice in his suit tonight,
which i’ll throw up later,
but i didn’t know he had a fashion spread in gq magazine last month.
well damn am i late!…

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Terrell Owens Don’t Like The Kids

I was going to post on him too.
I read his write up in last GQ magazine (read here) and I did not feel sorry for him. At. ALL.
I am glad I didn’t even find a little bit of sympathy…
…because he shows that is just a fool.

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Drake Takes A Bad Picture

Drake knows he is wrong for this…

He know he is real wrong for this GQ Man of the Year magazine cover.
I don’t think Drizzy is ugly, per say…

I thought he was quite handsome in the new Rihanna video:


But this picture….

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