Terrell Owens Don’t Like The Kids

I was going to post on him too.
I read his write up in last GQ magazine (read here) and I did not feel sorry for him. At. ALL.
I am glad I didn’t even find a little bit of sympathy…
…because he shows that is just a fool.

Terrell Owens — once considered a lock for the NFL Hall of Fame — has been released from the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League … and his infamous prima donna ways are to blame.

Team president Tommy Benizio tells TMZ the decision was “performance based” — and added the final straw came when T.O. skipped a recent team visit to a children’s hospital in Allen, TX.

This was T.O.’s first season with the Wranglers … and when he announced the move to the IFL in January it was considered a huge fall from grace for a former NFL superstar.

By the way, Benizio says T.O.’s also been cut from the Wranglers’ ownership group.


how the mighty have fallen… HARD.


…always remember the feet you step on today,
may be connected to the whole ass you gotta kiss tomorrow.
Terrell better start selling that dick/ass.
He would make some old rich queen very happy with some official team player back shots.

9 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Don’t Like The Kids

  1. How dreadful, this man has some serious issues, and he is either crying out or wants to come out or both. Its time to sell that ass on Craiglist, or be featured on a episode of “When The Checks Stop Coming” Good Luck Playboi.

  2. He can’t stand being ignored; and his mouth burned plenty bridges…welp.

  3. It happens to people all of the time. Get over it and get back on your feet. It bothers me to hear about people who make so much, and then go broke. Get outta here!!!

  4. Sad how the mighty have fallen. Well Thai should be a wake call to all ballers. One day you the talk of the town the next day people saying ” who”

  5. He needs to take a stadium full of seats, I mean really. Sit down somewhere and get yourself together Terrell. It’s a shame, he’s a beautiful man.

    Looking at that pic at the top gave me a woody.

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