Lower It Down and Come Inside Where It’s Warm

tumblr_menjx6rqIe1qb0bzxo1_500you can’t expect to go any further with that drawbridge up.
i can see that “closed off” body language from here.
it has made your face look so mean.
you are not open.
what happened?
who hurt you?
oh its been a couple people?
well listen i been there…

a fox has been hurt and betrayed before.
i’ve been used and abused.
so i put my drawbridge up.
i put a dragon outside my castle to stop anyone from entering.
i was rude.
everything about me was stone-like.
as life went on,
and i started meeting better people,
i started to bring the drawbridge down some.
just a little.
working at the places i worked,
meeting the people i met,
it definitely couldn’t be up.
i would mess around and miss my blessings.
hell i didn’t trust work wolf.
i was waiting for the other shoe to drop.
patiently waiting for him to fuck up and ruin us so i could tell myself:

“i told you so jamari!”

is that even mentally healthy?
i don’t want to live like that.

you can lower your drawbridge,
ya know?
i’m learning to do the same as well.
you just can’t let just anyone into your kingdom.
see as much as we are all different,
“hurt” still feels the same for everyone.
betrayal and a broken heart can lay you out.
the problem is when don’t allow ourselves time to heal.
we block others from really coming inside us.
its like we want these amazing relationships,
with these fine ass counterparts,
but we’re way too damaged to even allow anything to come into our lives.

so try being nice for a change.
i know i have problems doing that “smiling” thing too.
be polite.
be interested in other people.
try doing something selfless.
oh and everyone is not the “enemy”.
some people are just like you.
guarded and waiting for someone to trust again.
love again.
it can happen.
just try lowering your drawbridge a little.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Lower It Down and Come Inside Where It’s Warm”

  1. Thank you! I needed this. Especially when it comes to new men coming in my life. Whether they seek out friendships or whatever I be so cold. But I can’t be like that and I’m trying. Can’t be a cold hermit forever.

  2. Love this Jamari I am tired of being single and ready for a relationship and I also want to have a few close friends who I can just share things with. I have been hurt in the past so I always keep people at a distance and I am trying to change that. I’m also trying to fix my resting bitch face, so I can be more approachable. I’m just ready for a change in my life I deserve to be happy.

  3. Which just reminded I cut off all ties with my ex-friend. I don’t know what wrong with him. He would be posting some depressing shit on FB. I tried to extend a hand to him, but he wants to write me off. Okay goodbye.

  4. This is something I think a lot of people have problems with, being hurt in the past and not getting over have problems for one’s future .

  5. Great post. So easily said but mighty hard to do. I’m trying my best to be open, as well as not naive, and be comfortable with the outcome, good or bad.

  6. That is the truth, it’s a hard process but you got to do it for your own sanity else you will miss and block the actual genuine people who want to actually come in and make a difference

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