Look At My Bawdy (Don’t It Look Sexy?)

tumblr_o52ok8K2fv1rsiv4no1_540i think this vixen is so beautiful.
it’s “tiana” from empire,
played by serayah mcneil.
why come that song she performed last night is…


“look at my bawdy.
look at my bawdy.
don’t it look sexy?
don’t it look sexy?”

that sounds like a good affirmation,
don’t it?
i bought that shit right off of itunes.
i liked the lyrics and the feel of it.
even though her character is pretty useless now,
i will allow the good music from her.
the spanish vixens get some nice cuts too.
i bought this song called “crown”.

the lyrics on that are nice as well.
now can we get some good music for jamal,
and lucious?

lowkey: serayah is so pretty.
she has like the perfect face.

giphy-2they could do so much with her character.
they really need to tune up this writing situation over at empire.



picture credited: rolling out magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Look At My Bawdy (Don’t It Look Sexy?)

  1. There was way too much singing last night on Empire, I miss the drama that usually goes on throughout the episodes. I would not miss Jussie for a few episodes. It is the singing man. It has to get better or I will not be watching season 3.

  2. I thought I was the only one, her song is mad sexy. Ya already know how I am sick and tired of Jamal and his singing. It’s like that’s all his character does and it doesn’t seem organic. I get it they’re trying to promote him as a artist in real life as well but they are over saturating his music to the point where it just comes off corny.

    P.S. The Spanish vixen has a nice voice , they need to drop her background singers and make her solo.

  3. You forreal … You really bought this???? God Bless Your heart I was just talking to one of my Co-Workers about who and the hell is buying this mess. Now I have a face! Lord blessed your taste cause you clearly don’t know no better.

  4. Yes she is FOINE! It’s not just her looks, her personality makes her even more attractive. I’ve seen her in interviews, the way she carries herself is everything

  5. I swore to God I thought she was Rihanna that why I scroll pass her, but coming back to the site and taking a second look then I realized she wasn’t Rihanna

  6. I always find Tiana songs catchy, they’re simple with a good beat. I wish I could say the same about all the other songs. I’m just not feeling this season, the acting has been a mess. Though I love Andre and them cakes, his scenes with his wife are the main ones making me cringe.

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