MEAT: (708)

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there is something really sexy about this pic…

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “MEAT: (708)”

  1. Off topic….

    Does anyone know anything about that dude Royal (royalelite_fit on Instagram) that they might want to share? I’ve been coming across a lot of stuff with him & i’ll just say I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I keep coming across this stuff anymore lmao

      1. Well, from what i’ve seen he clearly plays for your team/both teams or somebody is just out to get him lmao. For one he follows a handful of “questionable” dudes (about 7) on Instagram, plus i’ve noticed that he’s followed/unfollowed at least 4/5 other questionable dudes in the past few months. Today he liked a pic of Milan Christopher (Milan did like his pics first) & got a shoutout on a gay tattooed men page (@hotgayinked) on Instagram. I asked him about it & he deleted the pic off his “photos of” feed but it’s still on that page. There was also something that happened on Twitter but I asked him about it (which he also deleted off his favorites but the page itself was suspended so it’s possible that it was spam) & told him I wouldn’t speak on it & i’ll keep my word for that one.

        A lot of the dudes he follows are in the fashion industry though & he seems to have an interest in it but a lot of the other stuff is very interesting lol but yall are probably way better than me at finding out. Either somebody is seriously fucking with him or there’s a fire where the smoke is lmao

        Sorry if i’m long-winded lol

    1. royalelite_fit Yeah a while ago he like a gay wrestling pic on IG. jacob sumana is gay he like a Milan Christoper’s booty pic and gay pics on IG and I have proof. james hatchel was flirting with Milan Christoper and his pics and gaymen pics too These so-called “str8” bodybuilders block gay men off they account but fuck trannys and men. They need to stop playing theses str8 women

      1. Lol yeah I notice plenty of these dudes liking men booty pics at 2 am! I screen shot it just to make sure I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing. One black was liking some raunchy white male booty meat pics the other night lol

  2. On second thought, If you don’t mind delete everything I said. I don’t know him personally & he seems to be cool as a person; I don’t want to be the one responsible for anything he might do (to others or himself) if this blows up in some way.

    1. Man, you spilled all the information and trying to retract now lol. I never would have thought he was down tho..

      1. He could still be straight, but I just thought a lot of things I’ve seen were odd. I wanted what i wrote to be deleted because I instantly regret doing it as soon as I pressed the button; it’s honestly nobody’s business but I just got caught up in a moment from all the stuff I randomly come across. I usually never do stuff like that.

        1. ^that is the thing with the foxhole anon.
          if you saw it,
          the foxhole or myself probably saw it too.
          if they didn’t want to be found out,
          they shouldn’t be so obvious with their leering.

      2. I wish there was a way to delete or edit comments on here.I have definitely regretted posting comments especially after replying to a comment in the heat of the moment.

        It gets tricky when it comes to trying not to “out” people but at the same time discussing some things you have observed.I think as long as you aren’t trying to be malicious it’s OK to be inquisitive.

  3. Was this the pic that got his Instagram deleted? I’m sure he’s having heart palpitations right about now. What is an attentionisto without his social media? Lmfao.

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