Remember Me?


so i was sitting at my desk this evening,
in the middle of some heavy online bullshitting,
when this older asian vixen walked into my boss office.
she looked familiar,
but i couldn’t place where i knew her from.
when she came out about 10 minutes later,
and i got a good look at her face,
i knew exactly who she was…

she use to work at the job before this one!
she was a manager in one of the departments i use to work closely with.
i haven’t seen this vixen in like 3 years.
the only issue was:

I couldn’t remember her name

don’t you hate that?
so when she walked by my desk,
i shouted out:

“Excuse me miss!”


it was the best i could do.
she walked over to me,
looking every second of confused.
i asked her if she worked at “such and such”.
she said she did.
i reminded her who i was and she damn near let out a shriek.
we hugged and she looked me over.
she complimented me on how i look so good.
we started to talk about the old job.

“you were the best worker there.”

i did leave quite an impression at that job as i do with this one.
everyone from that job still remembers me and my work ethic.
well she now works at my current job,
but at another location.
she was just stopping by to get a tour of my office and meet all the managers.

“i hope i will get to see you again jamari!”

“well you are here now and i’m leaving.”

“oh no why?”

i filled her in on what’s happening with my position.
she gave me her email and told me to send her my resume.

“even if i can’t get you a job in my department,
i can keep my feelers out for anything that comes up.”

i’m so glad i left that job with a good reputation.
i will do the same with this one.
you never know who will help you in your future.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Remember Me?”

    1. Mikey your preaching to the choir, Jamari I hope she can find you something. Good Luck buddy my fingers are crossed for you.

  1. and this is what i’m saying, your work ethic will continue working in your favor even after you’re long gone. People never forget good employees and great workers…Everything will work out

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