f0xmail: I Want My Fine Co-Worker! Now! Now! NOW! Help!


“Hey Jay! I haven’t been as active on the site as I should. My book, school, n work has officially taken ova my life! I hope all is well at home and at the NEW JOB : )

 Ok, so I never believed in love at first sight. So I went into work today like regula degula shit. I get to the register and spoke to my female coworker and we was just catching up/talking shit. So I had to run down stairs to get something and JA.MAR.II, as I am walking I spot this FIONEEE ASS wolf they have as the stores greeter.
I was looking very good today, fresh cut beard shaped up and ALL and I saw him gazing at me. And I just blurted out “Hey, Wassup? How r u?” He responds “Hey. How are you doing”? Jamari I am shy but not bashful, but I’ve never met a guy who commanded a room without saying a word. It was like we erased everyone for a minute or at least I did.
He’s very short/my height 5’8-5’9
Lite tone
His hair is brown but his goatee is blonde
His weight is up >>>>
This Justin Combs meets Braylon Edwards
Back to topic he and I ended up working together alone in the room today. So I seized the opportunity to get acquainted. He’s 23, in college like me, drives, hasn’t mentioned a girlfriend, and seems like a all together nice dude. Calm soul. However I don’t know  if he’s down. His eye contact is awesome, he looks me directly in my eye. He smiles a lot, and he has the sexiest light voice. He and I both are masculine and he could very well think that I wanna be his homeboy. But I have more than that in mind.
I need some advice on how to get him to open up to me when were alone.
Idw feel this way about a straight guy you know…”



well thank ya kindly!
i appreciate you reading and keeping up with this journey with me.
now lets get into it…

so you have met a new wolfie friend at work.
i can officially join that club as well.
trust i know what its like to have a crush at work,
but you know what?
don’t try to make any moves.
i know that wasn’t the advice you expected to hear.
everyone else is probably:

giphy…with what i been talking about at my place of employment.
well ive been listening!
no reader no.
peep this.
i want you to try something new.

here goes….
the way to get him to open up and get comfortable:


don’t try to lure him.
don’t try to set traps.
just take it slow,
get to know him,
and be chill.
remember he is still a work colleague.
when he wants to talk,
be available to listen.
look into his eyes each and every time.
don’t be intimidated by his looks.
you have to emotionally connect with the wolves you want in your life.
any wolf.
straight or gay.
sure i talk my hooker prostitute wench street walker shit,
but every wolf in my life is comfortable with me because im just there.
that makes them comfortable.
he will share things with you.
he will confide in you about his issues.
he will ask you what you think looks good with such and such outfit.
he will start inviting you to shit.
he will grow attached to your spirit and will keep you as his ace.
if he is 110% ,
well you have a great straight friend.
if he is suspect,
your back will get broke in due time.
that simple.
see all the whores want to try and turn out all the straight wolves.
they think BODY PARTS will keep him.

you have to be:


he comes to you.
he makes the first moves.
you let HIM steer the direction.
you follow and just allow.
he will let you know he wants you.
see wolves are different than vixens.
vixens will throw you in the “friend zone” or “gay friend” if you are nice to them.
they don’t understand the language of being respectful to their asses.
that’s why when wolves are trying to get a vixen to submit,
he has to be a low key asshole to trap her.
you can be nice to a wolf,
be his friend all day,
and he will still fuck you.
how many straight wolves will still smash their vixen friends?
those negros plotting on the pussy through the guise of “friend”!
to keep him from cheating on your ass after you give in?

welp thats another story.
hope this helped in some way!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Want My Fine Co-Worker! Now! Now! NOW! Help!”

      1. I’m a thug Jamari…I can grab a coworker by his ass and pull him close
        and say “you wore those dockers that fit JUST right for me huh?”


  1. Good advice Jamari. To add on to what you are saying, you have to be genuine, sincere, honest, and truthful if you want to get this dude. Do not move to fast and violate his personal space. Getting to know a person is a process.

  2. I’m sorry, i’ll have to disagree. You either go the aggressive route or just be condemned to playing the guessing game, pining and eventually withering away over the uncertainty of this mans feelings towards u . Save yourself the trouble and get it over and done with babe. We are literally born to die so aint nobody got time for hours of obsessing whether he wants you or he wants you not.

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