hot-butterbeer-latte“here ya go.”

“oh whats this?”

“a latte from starbucks.”

“omg thank you so much.
 i’m lactose intolerant tho!!
omg i’m so sorry.
that was really nice of you tho!!!”

“oh no!
you don’t have to apologize.
i should have asked first…”

so here i was today

…doing some online window shopping working,
when one of the wolves from one of the departments brought me a latte on random.
i would have drank it,
because it was a really nice gesture,
but my stomach and milk just don’t go together.
he started talking to me the last couple days.
first he came to introduce himself.
we briefly got to know each other professionally.
other times he came to randomly talk about video games and movies.
really masculine.
nice style.
looks like he doesn’t “play that”.
straight from what i gather by him having 2 kids.
i told him i’m more of a tea guy tho.

i’ll remember that.”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Latte.”

  1. You bad af boi! Get it Jamari. When random niggas start doing you favors, that’s when you know you are bad, trust me.

  2. Just cause a dude has kids does not make them str8. But that’s was nice of him…… ( he wants the man vage)

    1. You ain’t said nothing but the truth. I know some that have five kids. Jamari know this. I wanna stop by his job one day just to look at the men up in there tho. I wanna peep at that Spanish dude he’s been lusting after lol.

  3. OMG I love your site and I just love you!!! I come here everyday and as always you never disappoint. I wish I was you. There’s this guy I’ve had the hots for, for over a year. Unfortunately he’s straight and doesnt give a vibe.

    1. ^thank you j!
      i appreciate all the love!
      well be his friend.
      he may have a hotter friend who maybe “lookin'” for you.
      if you see what i’m saying.

  4. Damn nigga bout u some and u didn’t even ask lol then when got it around he said he will remember what u like the next time…..I agree the Man, you a bad boy, I believe he know you like men most straight for play or DL dudes know trust me. My Hood ass Barber even flirts with me on the low. lol

    1. Yea, they know Truth. They know because they are too. One of my roommates tried to pee in front of me last year, I knew his deal. We were having a conversation and I was standing in the bathroom doorway, and he was in the mirror. Next thing I knew he was in front the toilet, no warning or nothin. He just whipped his shit out in front of me, I stepped right around the corner lol. I wasn’t trying to be suspect, whether he knew about me or not.

      1. The man what LOL man My DL homeboy Straight brother tried through hella hints and curve balls at me…..from trying to come in to the bathroom while I was taking a shower, asking me to have a threesome with him, showing me the tattoos on his chest and abs, offer to buy me a cell phone when I was on hard times, calling his bro just to talk to me, buying me lunch, showing me picturwe of him in his phone, watching me fuck a chick peeping in the door lmao. Keep in mine this dude was fine ass he’ll and had a body of a baller wolf, made for Tumblr & Instagram.

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