Mama! No Mama! No Mama Pleaaasssseee!!!

tumblr_lo8kn0C77v1qhrkfqo1_500i got a question for the foxhole…
i know everyone’s parents are a little… intimidating.
mine where.
my muh-vah mastered the art of “cuttin’ you with her tongue”.
my fah-vah mastered the art of “puttin his foot in ya ass”.
it seems every parent took that “put the fear in their heart” thing serious.
so what are your parents like?
well i guess the real question is,
especially after that last entry,
are/were you intimidated of coming out to your parents because…

You are/were scared of them,
or do you think they will/would be disappointed?

…i also wonder,
to the messy d/l folks and queens,
is that scarier than having to admit you caught HIV ack’in like you ain’t had no home training?


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7 thoughts on “Mama! No Mama! No Mama Pleaaasssseee!!!”

  1. If my mom were still alive, she’d accept it. As long as I be careful and stay safe in every way, she’d be fine. I’m very mature for my age, and I have always been that way, so she wouldn’t have worried. However, the family members I live with now are different, but I’m not worried tho. I play with their heads, and they can’t stand it. I’m a little calculating and manipulative so…lol. I know things about them they do not even know I know. I’m fine lol.

  2. They’d be disappointed.My mom is accepting but only a little.She doesn’t seem to show her disdain for gays until a Christian bigot speaks his/her mind and then the gays fight back.She’d be the type to laugh with gays and allow them to do her hair even though she thinks we’re all destined to be tortured in the pits of hell for eternity.When I was a teen, we were talking about gay people and she said she’s fine with it as long as no one in her family is gay.

    I don’t have a dad.He was a verbally and physically abusive nut case.I have no idea where he lives now and I really wouldn’t give a shit if he was found dead tomorrow.I wouldn’t shed a tear.I’d probably celebrate.

  3. Well Lurker Here First Time Posting Here Well I Think But Anyway I Told Her In The Worst Way My Aunt Just Got Out The Hospital After Surgery and I Called Her and Told Her I Have Something To Tell Her When She Get Home She Was Going Nuts Cause She Thought It Was About My Aunt So I Kinda Told Her Boom Right When She Walked in She Was Kind Of Out Of Breath Didn’t Even Get A Chance To Catch Her Breath I Was Like Look I’m Gay She Cried And I Kind Of Did Too I Kept Telling Her I’m Still Her Son Then After 20 Mins She Said It Was Demon Inside Me and We Are Going Back To Church Together Which I Said No Which Was a Struggle For a Min I Couldn’t Even Look At Guy Around Her Now Everything Good She Feels Like Every Time She See Something Gay Or Has Rainbows in It She Wants To Buy It For Me I’m Glad I Did Cause I Got Tired Of Living a Lie To Her Cause We Are Real Close Now We Are Closer Than Ever Now…My Father He Found Out On Myspace Called and Ask I Said Yeah I Didn’t Care To Tell Him Anyway Cause He Wasn’t Such a Big Part Of My Life Anyway But Sorry For The Long Story But I Love The Blog Thanks For The Outlet

  4. I’m not scared of my parents (I don’t think anyone should be scared of their parents), but I know what boundaries to cross and not to cross. I still test the waters to see what I can get away with low-key I’m pretty sure my mom worked for the FBI before she had me and just hasn’t told me yet because the things that she finds/found out about me, I don’t know how she did it. My mom has asked me before about things, but it was just brushed off….

    1. You mom sounds like Jeffrey’s bro lol. She interrogates that ass doesn’t she? “Answer me boy.” LMAO…

  5. I never wanted anyone in my family to know because the old me didn’t want them to think of me as less than a man. I heard the things they would say about the gays in the neighborhood and I didn’t want them to put me in that category..I guess. One night I fell asleep with some porn up on the computer. My dad stormed in my room, shouting questions at me but I just denied everything. Next day my dad walks in on me and my “best friend” in action, that was the first time me and him got into a physical altercation. After that he treated me like I didn’t exist. Two weeks later at Christmas dinner my dad comes home drunk and tells everyone what he found on the computer, and about what he saw that night. then he basically forced me to admit to my “indiscretions” and come out in front of 30+ family members. My grand mom and close family were crushed because they really had no idea. Safe to say me and my dad’s relationship is a done deal. But honestly that day was the first day I lived. I’ve never felt more free and I’m actually glad now that I was outted cause I would’ve never came out on my own.

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