how to lose not one, but two family members, because of the rona

ya know,
we don’t realize how much we are blessed.
shit sucks right now,
but things could be so much worse.
trust me,
i can be the biggest drama fox at times,
but i get it.
so i was talking to an ex-co worker tonight.
i don’t know if i mentioned it,
but she lost her cousin to the rona a few couple ago.
well she had another family member who got the rona as well…

Her mother got it and passed a week later.

imagine losing your cousin and mom.
if it wasn’t for her friend staying with her,
she admitted she probably would have lost her mind.
she has been distracting herself with binging tv shows and cooking.
i’ve been so wrapped up in my own shit,
i didn’t even notice her announce it on social media.
she understood that it wasn’t malicious on my end.

she couldn’t attend her cousin’s funeral because of social distancing.
for her mother’s funeral,
her body was put into a container and flown out to another state.
right now,
she is probably on the road as i font.

it’s some real ass shit happening to everyone around us.
from spikes in mental health,
domestic violence,
and losing family members to the rona.
don’t take smiling in selfies,
dancing videos
on tiktok,
or doing challenges for face value.

those foxholers who lost family members due to the rona,
i’m sending you my prayers.
everyone else who is internally struggling,
i’m praying for you too.
we will get through this eventually.

4 thoughts on “how to lose not one, but two family members, because of the rona

  1. Avoid hospitals. People are getting sick there the most. Vitamin C, fruits and constantly hydrate. Those masks will dehydrate you quickly.

  2. I’ve not been impacted by Covid -19 financially or health wise. The only person I’ve heard from is an aunt and she sent me a message asking if I was alright and I told her I was perfectly fine and I sent her best wishes. We talk every so often.. I talked to my best friend who is also okay and I discussed with him some plans in the next few months during this “economic crisis.” We talk nearly everyday. Another friend who is due in a couple of months I am helping because they have no source of income right now and as far as I know, the baby daddy is a lazy good for nothing. These are the only folks I interact with on a deeper and financial level and the only people who I sympathize with because I know they would do the same for me.

    Most of everyone else in my family I could care less about because they’ve made zero effort up until this point to communicate with me.

    They say I am being insensitive but I am not at all. I am still and will remain being prosperous in my way of thinking and living. That’s the type of family I have to deal with. They don’t adopt my lifestyle, spent all years prior with criticism or thinking I am crazy, now they are jealous that I’m not affected by any of this and calling looking for a handout. Soon as it’s over, they’ll be back to their same old ways.

    I am perfectly fine mentally as well as I have to be to help some around me. I haven’t been on here in while but decided to see what everyone was chatting about since some time ago I discontinued nearly all forms of media outlets due to constant negativity ,fear-mongering and to heal.

    As the weeks go on I will see if I am given an oppurtunity to help someone impacted by this but until then all I can do is continue living my life as best as I can and not becoming distracted.

  3. i feel for her and like you said, shit can be so much worse. had to remind myself to be thankful that my family and close friends are good right now. it’s rough right now for a lot of us.

    i’m a highkey sensitive dude and my sensitivity has been on 100 lately so had to put a filter on a lot of stuff to keep me balanced. Social media and the news was KILLING me.

    stay safe jamari ❤️

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