hey there all you cool cats and kittens! i finally watched “tiger king” and…

so i’m late af.

My home-wolf didn’t pay his Netflix bill for over a month

i stopped asking and just watched hulu in the time being.
when he paid it this week,
i said i would finally watch “tiger king“.


for those who never watched:

“A rivalry between big cat eccentrics takes a dark turn when Joe Exotic, a controversial animal park boss, is caught in a murder-for-hire plot.” imbd

that shit was wild.

Gay drama
Plotting of murder
Vanishing husbands
Hillbilly nonsense
The cutest tiger cubs ever

it had all the drama to pull me out my post-therapy emotions.
joe exotic,
carole baskin,
and doc (whatever his last name is) were all extreme narcissists.
carole comes off as more of a sociopath.

they was all crazy af and no one was really likeable.
that documentary was one big ass case study.
i have questions/thoughts:

1. If these guys Joe was marrying was straight,
was he sleeping with them?
Were the gay for pay?
Where was the dental appointments?!
Poor Travis.
His decent into madness was a sad one…

2. I don’t want to say Carole murdered her husband,
but it’s all VERY suspicious.
The way how she handled his disappearance didn’t do her any favors.
I feel like as Joe un-masked Carole,
it made her go hard in the paint to destroy him.
Her husband and her made a good team,
whereas Joe didn’t have anyone smart in his corner.

3. Joe went wrong going too far taunting Carole.
I’m all for throwing shade at an enemy,
but Joe was being so reckless on his tv show.
He didn’t realize Carole had allies and power.

4. I didn’t know these animal lovers could have 3 and 4 wives/husbands.
Tiger cubs could drop the drawz.

5. People are supposed to bring out the best in you.
If you noticed,
all those who got with Joe declined physically and mentally.

6. The fact Joe allowed these “new” people to influence his life and career…
All those “new” people Joe introduced in his story were all criminals.
Why would he even think trusting them was a brilliant idea?

7. If you watch closely at any situation where “the fall” happens,
you can see where it started.
As I was watching Tiger King,
i could see where it all went to shit.

8. They set Joe up pretty proper.
In my opinion,
they framed his ass and took his whole zoo.
I don’t think he should be in jail tho…

i’d love to read your font on this wild ass doc.
anyone who watched,
please leave a comment because i’d love to read what you have to say.

low-key: even though it was dripping in redneck musk,
how they shot that doc was so beautiful.
i love how the tigers and other animals were the highlight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “hey there all you cool cats and kittens! i finally watched “tiger king” and…”

  1. Tbh I only feel bad for 3 people (the guy that lost his arm, the one that watched joe murder the tigers and was over them, the Campaign manager that watched the husband kill himself)

    To answer your question meth was how he got and kept them he was feeding their habit and taking from them. (Sidenote here that funeral speech was a mess he deserves his ass beat for mentioned that boys balls during his funeral)

    I do not like any of them they are all terrible irredeemable people that deserve the worst

    Did you see Carole mention how you get tigers to want to attack you w/ sardine oil?

    1. ^hey ronnie!

      why did i think the one who lost his arm was a stud? ๐Ÿฅด
      did joe murder the tigers because they were sick?

      when tristan killed himself,
      i legit screamed.
      it was so sad to see how far down he went.

      wouldn’t her husband’s dna be all over that cage if she fed him to the tigers tho?

      1. Hey there Jay hows it going?

        They are trans the filmmakers and everybody mis-gendered them sadly.

        The guy mentioned that they murder them when they age out of cuteness and stop having usefulness basically. I think he did that definitely but I feel his charisma makes you feel/connect with him as a person. (He’s still terrible like all of the characters were except a couple of people).

        I did feel bad for Tristan but tbh it felt like he was not going to win in life if you notice his mom also looked pretty out of it at the funeral.

        I think your assessment of her is truthful she is possibly a sociopath.

    2. The person that got their arm bite off was a stud, but anyway I think Joe FINALLY wised up and if he got to go down I think he’s about to take a lot of people with him

  2. Yeah when I realized he was a racist I lost all sympathy for Joe, but I guess being from Oklahoma thatโ€™s to be expected.

    Joe was buying those white trash boys tons of drugs and anything else they wanted. Of course they were going to go along lol

  3. Everybody I know has been telling me to watch this Fuckery and I refuse. I see enough White Trash when I turn on the news and see this so called President and his Trashy ass family, and how this administration is handling the Corona Virus is enough for me to not me want to see any more Caucasians and their shenanigans. White people being themselves is a No Thank You for me.

  4. This was some of the most entertaining shit I’ve seen in a long while. I laughed when Joe said the one guy looked like a walking Chuckie doll because he actually does. Carole definitely killed her husband if she didn’t she definitely knows what happened to him. Joe’s downfall was his narcissism. He would’ve been free today if stopped fucking with Carole. He was up against a woman who had virtually limitless resources. She kept him tied up in court for years. Another thing, it is my opinion that Joe shouldn’t be the only one in prison. Jeff, Allen and Chuckie doll should be locked up too but they were smart and Joe fell for the okie doke.
    I firmly believe Carole killed her husband and my belief was confirmed when they said she has a brother that works for the sheriff department. When they said that I screamed. The bitch has connections and got away with it. Also when you really think about it her and Joe are pretty much the same person. Both of them are keeping tigers in cages. None of the main players in this docuseries care about animals as much as they say they do. Cuz if they did they would’ve been working together.
    The only people who actually cared about the tigers were the workers. On the recap episode the host asked everyone if they stayed for Joe or the tigers and everyone said the tigers. Also nobody said Joe didn’t belong in prison.

    I hollered when Joe told Carole to get her husband out of the septic tank ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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