add another to the “gay rumors” list: solange’s son, julez?

damn i remember when she was pregnant with him in that “solider” video.
solange’s son,
daniel “julez” smith jr,
is growing up.
of course,
the internet is being interesting once again.
i didn’t know he had gay rumors circulating around him,
but it caught him off guard on a recent ig live…

it shocked tf outta me too.
even if he is…

Why does it even matter in 2020?

i follow the mama,
but the son is really low-key.
remember how fine the dad now:

my baby daddy would have to be that fine too.
speaking of the mama,
don’t make her come and beat ya’ll ass over her son.

you know she is skilled in giving a two piece and leg combo.
we already done seen it.

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19 thoughts on “add another to the “gay rumors” list: solange’s son, julez?”

  1. Isn’t he just a teen or something? People disgust me to no end.

    Also, I hate when people have to get on social media to address things. Imagine having to explain yourself to a bunch of nobodys.

  2. It’s usually the ones that want to get with him. I could care less about someone else’s sexuality unless I’m trying to get with them. Black folk more than likely.

  3. He’s only 15, I wish these adults would leave him alone.Every time a blog posts his picture there are grown ass women in the comments saying stuff like “He can get it” I read before he made his page private earlier in the week he was flirting with a teen girl who didn’t who didn’t know who he was on IG live and the Beyhive started posting in the comments questions like “Where is Beyonce?”. Reportedly he is living with Beyonce family during this lockdown because he posted a video with one of the twins,Rumi, and it was leaked,hacked or something to the blogs.

    I just noticed that comment on that screenshot “He dating Tae.Nicki wig person” the boy is 15 and somebody is saying he is dating Nicki’s hairstylist, a grown man @arrogant_tae123.I just Googled who Tae was? Maybe that’s why somebody asked if he was gay they read that comment.SMH

    1. You know what’s sad is how hypocritical people are when it comes to the behaviour you pointed out. If this were grown men lusting after a 15 year old girl there would be total outrage and think pieces on end. But when women are displaying that same behavior there isn’t anything said about it.

      1. You’re right there is definitely a double standard with women making sexually inappropriate comments about teenage boys.Just like there is less outrage when female teachers have sexually inappropriate relationships with their male students.

        With Julez people in the comments would say “he’s only 14” or “he’s just 15” but there was not the same level of outrage as there would be if it was a man making sexual comments about a teenage girl.Both situations are the same to me.

  4. I don’t follow people lifestyle as to who their parents are but which one of the dudes is his father, the light or dark skin guy? Whether he gay or not has no reason for people to be in his business. Do you really think Bey or Solange care if he is gay or not. Jay will put a hit out on people if you talk about his nephew, leave him alone. He loves the hell outta his Aunty and Uncle. Blue is the closest thing to a sister that he has right now and that’s his cousin. People thought Snoop oldest son was gay cause he took a shower naked around a bunch of men when he was in jail. This is what happens when people can’t get out the house because of the Rona

    1. Oh yeah Julez has younger siblings from his father who is close to and I think his father is about to have another child.

    2. Thanks, I mean the only thing I focused on was his father in the pic when it said people went in the comments and said he was gay, that was tacky for them to even print something about a minor anyway. I mean like is that the best they can come up with that story. None of the people in his family would care so why should we.

      1. I think this all started because that person who claimed he is dating Nicki Minaj’s male hairstylist and other people responded to that comment.Also there was a rumor that Solange is dating a female rapper named Syd so some idiots probably linked him to those gay rumors.Anyway I agree he’s only 15 they should leave him alone.

  5. I guess I’m confused on why the possibility of him being gay is a big deal or worth all this?

    Do people just decide to create something out of nothing or?

    1. My issue is that comment that is screenshot above, that says he is dating Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist a 25 year old man which may have sparked someone to ask if he is gay.A 15 year old in a relationship with a 25 year old is statutory rape so his sexual orientation shouldn’t be the issue.Is he being sexually exploited should be the concern and not taken lightly

      BTW I already had an issue with people(mostly women) sexualizing him over the last 2 years since he had that growth spurt.It doesn’t matter how tall he is/was they knew he was a teenage BOY. In general I have a problem with adults(men and women) flirting with, sexualizing,dating,whatever, teens(girls and boys) it’s disgusting IMO.

      1. I didn’t even see that but you aren’t wrong I remember being that young and having guys as old as 30 wanting to date/talk to me. I think it’s disgusting, if that rumor is true, that a 25 year old would want to date somebody that young hell for me even 18-19 seemed to young at the age of 25.

        This reminds me of people who used to sexualize the brother from everybody hates chris knowing he was a child. Like he’s a kid and y’all are not seeing how predatory that is?

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