the state of georgia might be full on destruction next week

the gays are going to go buck wild in atlanta next week.
the streets will be filled with cum and enema water.
rona be damned!

Gov. Brian Kemp is planning on opening the state of Georgia next week

according to “ajc“…

Gov. Brian Kemp has quietly begun planning to reopen Georgia for business, weeks before the expected peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aides to the governor acknowledged Thursday that Kemp has consulted with Georgia business and political leaders about how soon he should ease restrictions that have devastated the state’s economy while attempting to curb the virus’ spread.

These discussions are in their early stages, the aides said. But they reflect Kemp’s eagerness to move past a public health crisis that has, so far, left hundreds of Georgians dead and thousands more sickened.

In a statement released by his office late Thursday, Kemp said Georgia will follow federal guidelines and collaborate with health and emergency management officials to “develop a plan for safely returning to more routine operations.”

“In the coming days,” the statement quoted Kemp as saying, “I will outline how Georgia will move forward. Many Georgians are ready to get back to work, and the fundamentals of our economy remain strong. I am confident that we will successfully rebound from this public health emergency.”

Kemp’s tentative moves toward ending the state’s lockdown worry public health experts. They warn that acting too soon could undermine efforts to combat the virus and possibly lead to a stronger outbreak.

like some of these bosses at these jobs,
some of these governors don’t gaf about their people.
the gov. of vegas is more interested in making money than safety.

folks ain’t got no money to be spending in vegas right now.
they had to send all of us stimulus checks to help pay our bills.
folks getting laid off and can’t even get reach unemployment.

i understand folks want to get back outside,
there is still a whole ass deadly pandemic going on.
i’d let the test dummies go outside in that rona air and see what goes down.
as much as i’d love to go to a restaurant at this moment,
i’m not trying to die for it.

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21 thoughts on “the state of georgia might be full on destruction next week”

  1. Lockdown sucks but there’s a reason for it that’s rooted in science. So far, the reasons presented for reopening are not based on what hard science. I definitely feel for people who are struggling financially, but the government needs to step in and provide relief, not rush to reopen the economy. I can’t even trust the government’s recommendations at this point because it was their slow and sloppy response that got us in this mess in first place.

  2. This virus has exposed the very worst of our country, and it does not help that you have an incompetent racist asshole leading the nation along with demonic red state Republikkkan Governors who dont give a damn about anyone but the 1percent. WTF is money and the economy going to be good for if every damn body is dead. This has hit close to home for me with several family members testing positive, and I am worried about other family members who are in the medical field on the front lines. I see so many pineapples out and about who could care less. Dumb Ass 45 Supporters who think their rights are being violated because they have to stay in, not following social distancing. It is one big clusterfuck and it is not going to end well for any of us. No one wants to sacrifice for the good of us all. We got to take this hit to recover the right way and stay our asses inside. I am over mediocre dumb ass incompetent Caucasians being able to make life and death decisions over us all.

  3. The gays never left Piedmont Park lol. On another note, I don’t understand why Atlanta gets so much hate. Is it because it’s a stereotypical choice of city for all black folks? It’s not my favorite city but I can’t pretend there aren’t some great opportunities here. There’s also some interesting things happening with zoning and transportation infrastructure. Some of it may actually come to fruition. Everyone’s mileage varies though.

  4. This is all government pushed and completely overreacted. Experts predicted a huge amount of deaths/hospitalization in NYC April 1 and that amount was 400% lower than the expectancy.

    Why would anyone expect the United States to be under such restrictions this deep? Americans weren’t even this contained during September 11 or even the Spanish Flu which infected millions of people and also had no vaccines. Pandemics have been a part of the human existence for millennia…However, with the advancement of civilization, and vaccines and the studies from scientists, they know how to combat viruses, they can also create them….

    Also, this extra money idea is insanely obtuse. Who is going to pay for these payments? America is already 24 trillion dollars in debt…. Let’s just keep throwing people money.

    This 2,000 a month bill they are trying to pass will likely not get passed and if it does, they ain’t doing it like that.

    Either way it goes, I couldn’t even expect it not be some sneakyness in that 300 page plus Care bill. In the long run, all the money goes back to.the wealthy because wealthy people do not spend money like individuals of lower classes. They keep billions of dollars stashed. You think.any of them government officials or Jeff or Bill are hurting? Some of them are powerhouses of money and still have billions while other folks are standing in a food line.

    While, I think the UBI is a decent idea in retrospect, it needs to be heavily structured. I know when folks get too comfortable, they start bullshyting.

    You give some people income like 2,000 a month and they will spend it on bullshit like TVs and other useless stuff and then bills won’t get paid. These types of people don’t save money anyways.

    My great uncle rest in spirit always told me as a child to have an emergency fund ready for anything. Set money aside for hard times because you never know when they will come.

    And I always say that any man that doesn’t save as he goes, collects profits in debt for his future.

    Trump knows that if he can win the favor of the people he can win the popular vote by “making America great again…”

    Regardless of what we may think personally, the economy is always more important than human lives. For example, when someone dies, the vultures are swift to make profit off that person’s death, if they are profitable that is. If you aren’t profitable, you’re just another dead person.

    The economy has always been more important than human lives and as many Native Americans, African slaves and Latino immigrants that have been used and died from building the ‘American dream’ that shouldn’t be hard to gauge.

    I’d invest in a passport if you don’t already have one just to have it anyways. Come later this year, they will only allow you to travel with Real ID or Passport. Both domestically and internationally.

    Move to places.where you can live like Kings and Queens for less hassle and less stress.

    1. Yes, experts predicted a significant number of deaths/hospitalizations. They were mitigated SPECIFICALLY because of social distancing policies that were implemented. The Spanish flu killed 50 Million people worldwide, and 675,000 in the US. What are you even saying? That’s acceptable?

      You managed to pathologize poverty and parrot the LIE that poor/downtrodden/struggling people just want to buy big screen TVs in one post. The stimulus is temporary until we increase our testing capacity and come up with a logical plan to reopen. Based on science and medicine. Not on politics or feelings.

      Regardless of what THEY may think, specifically about the economy, I’m not going to roll over and let them kill me so they can meet their bottom line. Just because the federal government has historically prioritized the economy over human lives doesn’t mean we should simply allow it to occur in 2020. If you’re ok with it, then you should know Costco sells caskets at a discount. Get one before demand goes up.

      The facts are the facts. It’s a science called Epidemiology. If too many people get sick at the same time, it will decimate our healthcare system. Social distancing PROTECTS it. If our healthcare system fails, so goes the rest of the economy. It’ll be MUCH more difficult to recover from that, than it will be from a few months of structured social distancing.

      1. 🧐🧐

        Spanish flu killed 50 Million people worldwide, and 675,000 in the US. What are you even saying? That’s acceptable?

        Is it acceptable? It’s not acceptable..but it is a part of life.. There are a lot of things not “acceptable” but still go on…I’m saying people die all the time. Not that I am being devoid of compassion but if you or anyone else died tomorrow the world would still keep spinning.

        You managed to pathologize poverty and parrot the LIE that poor/downtrodden/struggling people just want to buy big screen TVs in one post…

        Did I say ALL or SOME? Some people are poor by the work of their own hands. It may sound as if I’m being insensitive towards people who are of lower class but Im only talking about specific people who splurge on ridiculous items.

        Regardless of what THEY may think, specifically about the economy, I’m not going to roll over and let them kill me so they can meet their bottom line.

        What are your plans for not allowing yourself to roll over? You’re already a part of the system so how do you plan on rolling out?

        Just because the federal government has historically prioritized the economy over human lives….doesn’t mean we should simply allow it to occur in 2020.

        Again, what are your plans of action ? There are people who are out now protesting since stay at home orders are being lifted. Are you going to join them or still stay inside your home in fear of the “second wave” of COVID-19?

        If you’re ok with it, then you should know Costco sells caskets at a discount. Get one before demand goes up.

        Whether I am okay with it or not, and the same for you or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t really even matter. You can die either way. If I got a casket for myself you’d better get one too.

        It’s a science called Epidemiology.

        I’m aware of the practice. Are you an epidemiologist?

        If our healthcare system fails, so goes the rest of the economy.

        The point of healthcare is to treat patients not pacify the economy, or maybe not? Healthcare is quite expensive for those people who can’t afford it anyways and for them the healthcare system failed a long time ago. It’s also a billion dollar industry and hospitals have been known to overcharge… You’d understand this better if you were a health care executive, unless you are one and also an Epidemiologist? The healthcare system is a scam anyways.

        Do you currently have health insurance or are you on Medicaid or anything of the sort or are you one of several who skip over health insurance?

        It’ll be MUCH more difficult to recover from that, than it will be from a few months of structured social distancing.

        Difficult, but not impossible. We’ve been through worse and there are bound to be more plagues and viruses in the future.

        1. So you went through my entire post, and somehow didn’t manage to make a single argument of your own. Which is exactly why the reopen movement is absurd. Those who want to reopen have no plan, have no understanding, and certainly have no compassion for those who are vulnerable. All you’re against is sitting at home because you’re bored.

          FYI I’m doing my part. I’m a healthcare worker. I have degrees in science. I’m regularly advocating for those who can’t for themselves.

          This doesn’t just going to go away, because “we’ve been through worse.” That’s not how it works. You overcome pandemics by thoughtful action and policy. Not just because you believe it will happen.

  5. If anything, I think the federal government and the media have done a poor job explaining to the American public why “stay at home” orders are necessary to keep citizens safe. It’s not hysteria. Here are the facts: the virus is VERY contagious. More contagious than the flu. There is also no known cure, no known treatment, and no vaccine (the flu has all of the above). Also, many ppl have the disease and don’t show any symptoms. Now, you may think this is great… however…. if you don’t have symptoms (ie asymptomatic) you can still spread the disease. In fact, studies have shown asymptomatic people are MORE contagious than those who show symptoms. Thus, many people will unknowingly spread it to vulnerable populations like the elderly, immunocompromised, the obese, asthmatics, etc. To be honest the virus is making healthy people very sick too! Now here’s the important part: Hospitals only have so many beds available to accommodate the very sick. Don’t forget, people are still in the hospital for cancer and other diseases. If the virus spreads too quickly, then ppl will get very sick at the same time. As a result, hospitals will EXCEED capacity, and will be forced to ration care. Meaning more ppl will suffer and die. If they’re forced to ration care… guess who will die first.??!!

    So we have to ask ourselves this question. Is the economy more important than human lives? I understand there are people who are struggling and out of jobs. There are better ways to solve this problem. Instead of rushing to reopen, we should DEMAND that the Federal Government provides stimulus to ensure our bills get paid and implement policy to prevent us from being evicted from our homes. European countries are doing just that. The greatest country in the world HAS the money… and tbh if we don’t, we can make it up by taxing the fuck out of corporations next year. Reopening Too soon will decimate our healthcare system and will ultimately destroy our economy.

    1. @AtlAnonymous: I also agree with this and your proposal for a solution. I don’t think I will ever be ok with the idea that we can’t sustain our citizens during a pandemic but many other countries can. The direct assistance (if they wanted this “shut down”) should have been $8/9,000 to every citizen, rent/mortgage/utilities forgiveness for the same period, and an explanation of why 3-4 months at home is imperative…

      1. Exactly Steve! Exactly! Freeze rents, mortgages, and loan payments. Suspend payments on utilities. Top it off with a monthly stimulus. Use the power of the federal government to rapidly make testing available for EVERY American, including illegal immigrants. Once we identify those who have the virus, we can develop a plan to isolate them, and gradually allow those who don’t have it back into society. We went to war in Iraq and spent TRILLIONS of dollars, and have nothing to show for it. Somehow we found the money. This COVID period is unprecedented. We should treat it like war because the life of every American is at risk. The ruling class wants us to go back to work Bc they can’t fathom NOT making money during this period. They want us to go back to work so we can continue making them money, at the expense of our lives. Meanwhile they’ll be at home social distancing with access to private physicians to care for them.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning this stay-at-home order. Like, seriously, how long are we going to stay cooped up? They are talking about a viable vaccine will take at least a year to a year and a half…. I’m sorry, but not all of us have cushy little desk jobs that we can now do in our pajamas in the comfort of our homes.

  7. There seems to be no end in sight to the stay at home order. When the country opens back up, the powers at be have a real task of explaining what has changed from the time the country closed to the time it opens back up.

  8. I mean how long we shall await no cure no vaccine no real reason how and why most not gonna get unemployment wtf lock down isn’t normal at al if you feel not safe stay in

  9. I have been waiting for the airports to pop back up as I have several trips planned this year but as someone once told me….Never go to Atlanta because it is over-hyped. I do heed warnings when I get them but I am curious just how ATL is…hopefully like not how they described.

    I was planning on coming to NYC in a few months but I am just unsure about things for now….it seems like all this hysteria will die down in June and the world can go back to it’s normal hustle and bustle.

    Also a note: Covid-19 had a number of measures that prevented social distancing. It was said that sexual contact can spread it, (kissing..etc) which is obvious. I hope that with these ‘extra precautions’ folks have been taking all of a sudden to not catch the Covid-19, they will apply the same logic to the spread of STIs and above.

    1. Atlanta:
      Shitty jobs with low pay
      Rednecks in charge of everything
      Uncle Tom/Crabs in a barrel yessirbosses everywhere
      Extreme traffic with drunk/high drivers

      It’s an overall horrible place. Visit, party, then promptly leave.

      1. Goodness…another bad review….
        I did hear the traffic was bad and I can expect that…
        However, the redneck part….

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