This Is What I Look Like Without Makeup

i saw ^this vixen before.
it was like a couple months ago online.
her name is victoria katei,
an “beauty guru” attentionista,
and she was part of some “meme” tweet.
she took 50 pictures,
all of which looked amazing,
and she didn’t like any.
she is very photogenic.
the person who commented said “i wish i had those issues”.
we all know that struggle.
you spend an hour doing a photo shoot and one/two gets chosen.
the internet is at it once again.
in this social media world where perfectionism is often required,
any kind of flaw puts you at risk for technological siberia.
victoria’s real face,
the one without makeup,
was thrown up for the world to see.
the hyenas and jackals ate well because of it via “the daily mail”
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Fox: LOST; Wolf: -1

When we meet someone that we think is the one,
we suddenly close up shop and put that freshly painted:

But, what happens when we jump the gun and fail to realize
that person you THINK is the 1 is really a -1?

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