When Prada Bags Fall On Train Tracks (And The Vixen Who Went To Get It)

in my life,
i know a vixen who jumped down on the tracks to get her phone.
i often wondered what i would do if something i own fell down there?
but i would probably cry.
this snow bunny knocked my phone clean out my paws the other day.
it nearly fell on the tracks.
i felt myself reacting.
she didn’t even apologize or offer to pick it up.
well a vixen jumped down on the tracks to get her bag last week.
a vix-bi sent me what happened to her via “the ny daily news”

A Brooklyn woman who climbed onto the subway tracks to retrieve her dropped purse was hit by a train and lost both of her legs below the knee, authorities said Monday.

The accident happened just after 1 a.m. Saturday, when the 25-year-old woman climbed onto the No. 6 train’s roadbed at the E. 28th St. station in Midtown as a southbound train approached, police sources said.

The train’s operator saw the Carroll Gardens resident climbing back onto the platform and pulled the emergency brakebut not in time to avoid hitting her.

Medics took her to Bellevue Hospital. Sources said the impact severed both of her legs below the knees.

i mean,
i get it.
but i wouldn’t have jumped down there for it.
i would have politely asked the mta worker to go down there.
you gotta be nice because they stay having attitudes.
either way,

i bet she regrets going down there now.

lowkey: all the rats that be crawling on the train platform…
i might say fuck the whole shit all together.

article cc: the ny daily news

8 thoughts on “When Prada Bags Fall On Train Tracks (And The Vixen Who Went To Get It)

  1. I would be so pissed at her, bc them late night trains runs slow AF. I bet her stunt pushed the entire line back for hours. fuck. Anyways, a life changing event for something so unimportant. I hope she is well.

      1. lol, esp that late. The level of pissed off I would be would have been more catastrophic then her loosing both of her fucking legs. lol

  2. Wow. It kinda shows you where people attribute their values to these days. I’ve seen people spend $150+ for a pair of Jordans but they lights getting cut off next week and they don’t know what to do. 😱

    I’ve listened to folks lament that they don’t have no food and ask for gas money but are on XBoX live, PS4 Network with Netflix, and have Hi Speed Internet Access asking me what I think about Stranger Things 2 and their new Star Wars Battlefront II game. 😬

    There sure are a lot of strange things going on with folks these days. They aim for the stars but the material war appears to be a battle between them and their priorities.

    A lot of folks forget that when they die, those fancy clothes, cars, and other things can no longer inflate their egos. They will be reduced to mere memories but the material things drift on to another. It’s like a game of tag amongst the living & deceased.

    There is some truth to the saying that you come into this world naked, and naked is how you shall leave.

    It is better to be remembered as the woman who walked away from Prada than to be known as the women whom Prada tempted to never walk again.

    1. LOL. Jammy…I said pretty much the same thing in the other post about Jamari’s co-worker.

      Way too much emphasis on material objects. And then people get obnoxious about it if you do something to those items accidentally. This kid on the bus the other day was having a fit because somebody stepped on his Jordans. This big dude said to him, what do you expect when the bus is packed like this? When you get to school just wipe them off. It’s not that serious. You could see the boy wanted to say something to him, but he smartly kept his mouth shut. LOL

      If something of mine fell onto the subway tracks…it would stay there. I’m not risking getting hit by the train, electrocuted by the third rail, and/or getting bitten by those big ass rats down there! LOL

    2. People are miserable. And they live a perfect life in their heads (lets be read everybody has their own heaven in their head), which makes for delusional ass people. People priorities are fucked, we all want the nice and pretty things that glitters and shine. But people who are realists, know better!

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