I Think I Could Kick The Hulk’s Ass (Marvel)

marvel vs dc.
i choose marvel,
even though i love batman.
marvel have the better movies too.
i’ve been looking for games to play on my phone.
i play them a lot when i’m on the train to work.
my old co worker use to play the following game,
and i didn’t understand why he is so hooked,
but now i get it…


i’m into it.
i love a good fighting game and this is quenching that hunger.
Lord knows i was into “marvel vs campcom 2”.
hopefully i won’t miss my stop playing this one.
…and yes,
i still play “animal crossing: pocket camp”.
lowkey addiction to “subway surfer”.

check out “marvel: contest of champions”: here

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “I Think I Could Kick The Hulk’s Ass (Marvel)”

  1. I love this game tho’ I have still been trying to get black panther I have storm and I want mohawk storm but one day I’ll get her.

    Also animal crossing somehow became addictive again I used to play the game on the gamecube and I’ve just been into it.

  2. Haven’t played a mobile game in so long due to all the microtransactions they throw at you as soon as you open the app. I understand that the game is free and the company needs to make money, but damn…LoL
    Now, major game companies are taking up these practices with full priced games. Electronic Arts(EA) have been getting slammed lately because of the little stunt they pulled with their new Star Wars game. Theres a petition with 100,000+ signatures right now to end the Star Wars game production deal between EA and Disney. It’s now to the point where the government is getting involved to halt any business practices that promote microtransactions to anyone under the age of 18. When are these corporations going to learn to stop insulting our intelligence? We have access to the internet and can do our own research instead of just blindly going with whatever information they feed us.

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