Lick Your Tongue Around My Honey Bunz

demhoneybunzim feelin’ horny today.
ironically i’m also out of all fucks as well.
“ratchet jamari” is out to play.
since i’m feelin sum kinda way,
you’ll also be feeling that way as well.
who wants sum tasty NSFW honey bunz?
my “straight readers” may want to wait until the next entry…

yummy yummy.
what would you do if those honey bunz were in front of you right now?
dig in.

15 thoughts on “Lick Your Tongue Around My Honey Bunz

  1. Yeah, that ass would get a tongue bath.Get ready for a tongue tornado, a tongue tsunami, a tongue… you get what I’m saying.

  2. Jamari…u wicked for posting this while folks at work trying to be professional. Anyway I’m home now so I can deal with the “situation” properly…that ass would get finger fuckd, tongue fuckd, nose fuckd till its ready to get the shit fuckd out of it. Dude would still be walking bent over in the morning…oh shit now I gotta clean

  3. I love how creative you are with your talent. You put a lot of effort into this site and it shows. Now onto the topic at hand:

    I would tear that ass up!

  4. The buns look good, but he doesn’t know how to be a proper fox. You can’t let wolves with 9-inch pipes fuck you everyday. Otherwise, you’ll get Osian syndrome.

  5. Mmm I haven’t had honey buns for a long time and I haven’t had sex for 4 yrs still counting. But that guy’s honey buns look so delicioso and smooth. And is it weird that I am a bottom and I am horny over a guy’s ass?

    1. ^i would destroy that fox’s honey bunz with my tongue,
      then get off to my wolf smashin’ it to pieces….
      then get on my wolf for my piece.

      1. Now that is hot and making me horny! In all honesty I wouldn’t mind to sleep with another fox and funny how that is I always do get other foxes wanting to fuck me. But I just want to take that guy’s ass and gently bite his cheeks before I make my move to his hole. Then I want to place my fingers in his ass and watch him squeeze my fingers tight. And when I take it out he has a little gape to his hole which is the perfect timing to shove my tongue inside.

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