Don’t Be Gay and Work at Home Depot Because They’ll Fire You

homedepot…and don’t have hiv either.
your benefits will not be paid for.
a former manager of home depot has nailed them with a muthafucka of a lawsuit
and well…

Massive home improvement retail chain Home Depot fired gay employees as a cost-cutting measure after the 2008 financial collapse, according to a lawsuit filed in California.

Lex Housh, a former manager at a San Diego store who is gay, says the company pushed out older, gay employees because it feared paying medical benefits associated with AIDS and HIV.

Housh, who was 57 when Home Depot fired him in 2012, contends in a lawsuit filed last week in Orange County he was discriminated against and sexually harassed by staff. He is seeking $100,000 in damages.

An email and phone message left by the New York Daily News weren’t immediately returned by Home Depot on Monday.

This year, watchdog group Human Rights Campaign ranked the chain as one of the best companies in the country when it comes to health benefits to lesbian and gay domestic partners.

But Housh’s complaint says that “Home Depot was concerned with ‘gay male’ employees because of its perception that it would pay more medical benefits associated with HIV and AIDS viruses.”

The company wanted to cut costs during the economic fallout precipitated by the collapse of the housing market, the suit says, according to Courthouse News Service.

He also claims he received fraudulent personnel write-ups from supervisors, who ultimately fired him for putting a microwave into a trash compacter, a violation of hazardous materials laws, the suit says.

Housh said he was the subject of inappropriate sexual gestures and the recepient of sexually explicit photographs after his managers learned he was gay.

home depot:

tumblr_lw89yp2ogC1qcmkpcthat is pretty damn ignorant of them tho.
its hell trying to find a job now without all the extra bullshit.
that being said:


…and let me hold a stack when you win.

lowkey: they sexually harassed him?
home depot usually has some fine wolves working there.
let me find out they have all the good wood.
see what i did there?

article: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Gay and Work at Home Depot Because They’ll Fire You”

  1. Spot on Jake…I used to work at HD and they definitely do not tolerate any of that; if you report it trust and believe it will be investigated IMMEDIATELY; my friend worked in management and he was always telling me how they are required to act on any discriminatory actions, even if it’s found that the manager witnessed it and did nothing about, they will ALSO be reprimanded. So if you like having your job, follow the rules and policies set in place. SIDE NOTE: What I loved most about working at HD was all the customver-wolves that came through there. I worked as a cashier so it was all I could do to keep myself together, ain’t nothing like a man holding his drill in front of me. 😉

  2. Ok. I agree with Tajan something in this story ain’t clean. Why wait five years to bring a lwasuit of that nature, even after Prop 8 that same year? Let me tell you from experience since I currently am an employee there. I can say a couple things;

    1) It is true that HD offers good benefits to same sex domestic partners. Whoever my partner is, he can have benefits through me and my employment with HD. Discount on prescription drugs (including antiretrovirals if one has HIV / AIDS) etc. All I have to do is provide proof of relationship etc.

    2) The HD that I work at, yeah there are some homophobic associates but management has ZERO tolelerance regarding bullying of any kind. All employees (management included) have to take a mandatory sensitivity training type class as part of their first 60 days of employment. Just two weeks ago, an associate was given an automatic final when he called another associate a fag. The company also used one of their trucks in a gay pride float that featured employees with their aprons.

    3) We have an Awareline where we can report among other things, abuse and mistreatment by management (regardless if you’re a manager or not).

    4) I work in the Receiving department, where the compactor is located. If Home Depot’s own system calls for a destruction of a particular merchandise and doesn’t give one the option of shipping it to the Repair and Liquidation Center, it’s going in the compactor. (Although different cities and states have varying processes of the disposal of certain materials)

    5) Management knows of my sexual orientation and I’ve never been harassed or bullied by either mid or upper level management. Apart from management, only three people know of my sexuality; two lesbians and a straight vixen.

    6) Jamari is right! I work with some fine ass wolves!!! If you’re a fine wolf shopping there, I may give you a discount Lol

    But other than that, this story doesn’t seem straight (no pun intended).

  3. Im going to do a wait and see on this story because something is not adding up. Mainly when I see a low amount like this and you have a potential multi million dollar lawsuit, in California of all places were they are very liberal and dont play about things like this. If a company provides domestic partner benefits its highly unlikely they are concerned about HIV coverage, Im learning to not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon on these types of stories.

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