Would You Like To Get In His Underwear?

frigosi know you would.
hell i would.
well now you just might…

revolution wear has teamed up with the foxhole to talk about something we all like.

half naked meat in nice underwear.
espeically baller wolves.
my favorite!

here is a little more on revolution wear’s FRIGO underwear:

RevolutionWear was created to revolutionize the underwear industry by offering men optimal comfort, moisture-control and support. Having tested its unique products for a number of years throughout Sweden, the company is now ready to roll them out worldwide.

 The FRIGO® design incorporates a patented netted pouch into the underwear. A soft lock adjustment system gently pulls the pouch up and away from the body, thus creating more ventilation to the area, and all parts are fully supported. This design results in less perspiration, and as its name entails, keeps the genitals “dry and cool” at all times, finally putting an end to the itching that so many men suffer from. That it enables men to exert more control over the position of their crotch translates into unparalleled comfort.

 What is remarkable is that the FRIGO® underwear triggers passionate conversations about a subject that men previously never spoke about. Most love the product and become addicted to it, wearing it every day.

sounds nice, right?
well if you like their facebook page,
you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive a free pair of these snazzy drawz.
also if you have a meaty body,
you can either send me a shot or hashtag #JFOXFRIGOS to ( x my twitter ),
and tell me why you would look good in their underwear.
oh i’m already excited about that.
so head over to their facebook:


…and hit like to be automatically entered into the drawing.
who knows?
i could feature you in all your half naked FRIGO glory as meat,
as well as model the drawz for their campaign in the future.
good luck!

x more on revolution wear and FRIGO

x see baller wolf nic harris in FRIGO

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  1. Oh! No!He’s starting to get that “too muscular” look.Pretty soon every single one of his muscles will be on permanent flex mode.

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