Lick Your Tongue Around My Honey Bunz

demhoneybunzim feelin’ horny today.
ironically i’m also out of all fucks as well.
“ratchet jamari” is out to play.
since i’m feelin sum kinda way,
you’ll also be feeling that way as well.
who wants sum tasty NSFW honey bunz?
my “straight readers” may want to wait until the next entry…

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WOLF MEAT: (336)

1108667_apple_heart_3you ever see something so juicy
you just wanted to take a bite out of it?
well this reminds me of those moments…

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rico strong and his tasty cakes.
ready for delivery….

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MEAT (132)

Oh but make no mistake…
I know what this is here...

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MEAT (127)

Have you ever had some MEAT staring at you and it made your mouth water?
You want to just dig your teeth into it and swallow it whole.

You know what I’m talking about…?

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Would you stick your tongue in this?

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