rico strong and his tasty cakes.
ready for delivery….

lowkey: does rico strong give anyone “fox” vibes?
or, is it just me?
remember this… (click here)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (103)”

  1. I do think Rico gets down but anybody seen Wesley Pipes ass hole? His hole is pretty open and worn for a “straight” porn star.

    1. Wesley Pipes is gay to me too. That negro is too freaky and too down for anything. I remember watching one of the videos where he left the girl eat his ass. Straight have limitations on what they are going to do. And I am sorry but any man that likes anal play is gay, I don’t give a damn how good it feels, you as a straight man should not be getting penetrated.

  2. He’s not ugly. What attracted me when I saw him was the ass and that he was a thickums. Once you’ve seen one big dick, you’ve seen them all.

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