MEAT (190)


is this a new baller wolf i don’t know about?
or, is he a macy’s cologne salesman?
either way, i’m interested…

brotha man told ya’ll he wants to be punished.
let’s do as we are told.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

54 thoughts on “MEAT (190)”

  1. That face looks a lil odd but he still looks cute, and I would most definitely punish him. LOL I bet he’s really nice.

  2. His name is David Moore. He has a fitness website called ” Moorefitliving “. His body is off the chain and he has a nice set of tasty cakes!

  3. He has a Youtube series called moorefitliving and everyone always loves staring at his ass lol but his workout is insane but inspiring go to youtube to check him out also he has a facebook page

    1. It’s probably a combination of genetics (on a lesser scale) and his exercises. Most of his workouts deal with lower body.

    2. I’m in love…with his azz lol

      He’s the type of dude who looks better to me clothed. And I love how his videos are focused on the “back” yet lovingly showcase that azz

  4. On a sidenote, its officially time for me to leave YSL cologne alone and find something more exclusive and unique. Too many dudes wear it now, same thing with Michael Kors watches.

  5. That dude is a punk. He deletes all the comments from his Youtube videos where people (primarily dudes) are complimenting him on his ass. And what’s funny is as time goes on his workout gear gets tighter and tighter. The camera is clearly always focused on his butt so I’m sure he’s slightly conscious that men are watching these videos. Before all these thirsty gay niggas started linking his videos on various blogs, he had virtually no views. He knows his ass is fat and he owes his new found fan base to the gays that put him on.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but at the same time we all know the gays can be a little….thirsty. Instead leaving a comment saying “You have a nice body.”, they’ll “You got a fat ass” and other distasteful shit.

      If this is indeed his business and his brand that’s not a very professional look.

      He looks suspect to me, but at the same time it could just be the culture differences with him being Canadian. All super serious workout buffs wear tight clothes and compression gear and as Random said he seems super focused on lower body workouts which is probably why his ass is so right (no jiggle or nothing). I commend him for that because most of these dudes don’t commit to their lower half like that and they end up looking like strong crackheads.

      If you look through his timeline he was respectful to the dudes who just said “Your body inspires me to workout”.

      The thirsty gays may have given him more views but that’s not putting money in his pocket if they’re only willing to pay for a session on that ass. Lol

      I’m just saying if this is indeed his livelihood, he has a right to selective about what comments get posted.

      Gays can’t punish straight men for not basking in their thirst. Lol

      1. *hi-five.


        I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just been out in public, fully clothed, and gotten distasteful comments on my ass or body. Gays tend to take things overboard. Saying things that they KNOW are disrespectful.

        Is his ass nice? Yes.
        Am I’m sure he’s aware? Yes.
        Does he want to hear or see that shit everytime he makes a video? No.

        And it bothers me when people say, “Well, he’s wearing xyz so clearly he wants the attention.”
        To me, it’s like when thirsty ass straight wolves use a woman’s clothing to justify degrading her. Not cool.

      2. But the majority of his videos have all been shot from the back since this recent surge of popularity. He knows where his bread and butter is. I’m pretty sure it’s his wife to films his workout so I’m guessing he screens all the comments before approving which ones to be visible. I think she may be deleting them, not wanting men lusting after her husband.

    2. I don’t think that’s fair for a man to have a fat ass like that and not give it up, I’m sorry. LOL . He just needs to let loose and have some fun and let some guys dive into those cakes. LOL. I bet if he would walk the streets like that he would get a lot of attention from other men.

      1. You first then! Lol

        All the tops line up. The Man is gonna “let loose and let some guys dive into those cakes”. I got the WET so he can be slippery. Your body’s gonna make sounds you’ve never heard before. LMAO!

      2. No wet will be needed because I’m not giving it up. A friend of mine had plans of getting into my ass because he thought I was a bottom, I was like “fuck no what gave you that idea.” He told me because I was skinny and had a nice and humble personality. I was like that ain’t got shit to do with it. I was offended. LMAO….

      3. @ The Man: I thought you were about to say no Wet will be needed because you got that wet wet. LOL maybe you give off that vibe though like when a dog goes into heat. Lol

    1. Most of these dudes are just collecting money and nine months later their clients are still fat and so is the pockets of the trainer if they charge $50-$100 per session.

      The perfect hustle if you spend all of your time in a gym anyway. I

      I’m looking into bodybuilding as well as boxing classes so I’ve seen it all at this point.

  6. He looks like that azz will put a hurting on your dick when he clenches – might snap shyt off when he cums lol

    I bet Random and Jay’s azzes look similar… 😉

    1. Not mine. I hate lower body workouts. Lol hopefully I’ll be more similar to his in another year.

      You’ll find me in some hole in a wall dancing along side all the other pornstars that clearly aren’t making enough money in porn.

      I’ll have on the drawls that say “Twerkin for Sallie Mae”. LMAO

      1. Dead@ twerkin for Sallie Mae.
        They are the worst. They are more evil than Chase and Wells Fargo combined.

        Had the nerve to charge me for paying my loans over the phone instead of online this month. So all the previous times were grace periods? Evil bastards.

  7. Mr. Moore is cool, I have actually been following some of his workout tips, but he does censor his youtube comments lol. I cant give him a pass because he is extra thirsty, he is always posting pics in his underwear on his Facebook and Guy with IPhones, so he must have some need to be liked, like all attention whores who want some type of recognition. Its the internet, when you post pics like that you open yourself up to scrunity, and you may deny your gay fan base but you keep feeding them with your narcistic pics, so dont complain when you get unwanted attention, nobody owes you any type of respect. I can say that his workouts will get you together if you actually follow them. My legs and butt have been sore all week ughh….

    1. Going through his pictures, I’m not really a fam of his body type. I think his exercises may be a bit uneven? I actually prefer him with clothes on.

      Still a cutie though.

  8. Cmon dudes it’s 2012 , shouldnt you drool for quality? Life doesn’t teach yall shit or yall just love falling for the same dumb shit over and over till u fucking grow grey . How to tell he’s a lame.
    1. Taking pictures showing off LACOSTE? Tha fuck? lacoste? the $30 cologne? is what you’re showing off?? Bwahahaha u gotta be simple if u fell for this “swag”. If you’re going to take a pic with a cologne, at least BORROW a CREED bottle and show off OR AT THE DAMN LEAsT a TOM FORD – those are “BALLING” colognes

    2. He’s a “fitness coach” – who isn’t im bout to be one and get a group of instagram whores and maybe get feautred on here on the dude end – yet can’t afford a real photographer and does his pics in a bathroom with instagram filters… SMPH

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