I Think These Wolves May Not Like It If Your Booty Cheeks Start Clappin’ Now

if this don’t lock ya shit up,
i don’t know what will…

Public health experts are warning that gonorrhea is just one antibiotic away from becoming an untreatable, drug-resistant disease.

The bacteria that cause this common, serious sexually transmitted disease have become resistant to all but one antibiotic – ceftriaxone (brand name Suprax.)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this month recommended new guidelines for using the drug to treat the infection to preserve its effectiveness. The drug should no longer be taken orally, but by injection

In the past, gonorrhea has developed resistance to every antibiotic recommended for its treatment,leaving ceftriaxone, as the final recommended drug,” “In light of this history and the recent laboratory data, researchers are concerned that continued use of ceftriaxone may prompt gonorrhea to develop a resistance to it.

“It is time to sound the alarm,” Bolan and colleagues wrote earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine. Resistance to antibiotics, they warn, is “threatening our ability to cure gonorrhea.” 

Gonorrhea, sometimes called the clap, causes more than 600,000 new infections a year in the U.S., according to the CDC. 

Male Side Effects

  • pain when urinating
  • pus-like discharge from the tip of the penis
  • pain & swelling in one testicle.
  • If gonorrhea goes untreated or antibiotics don’t work it can lead to infertility in men.
  • The Mayo Clinic indicates that this is the result of inflammation within the testicles, where sperm ducts are located.

Other Side Effects

  • Gonorrhea can affect the rectum.
  • It can be transmitted by both anal sex and contact with body fluids from vaginal or oral sex.
  • itching of the anus
  • pus-like discharge from the rectum,
  • spots of bright red blood on toilet tissue
  • straining to have a bowel movement.


  • Infants and adults may experience gonorrhea infection of the eyes.
  • eye pain
  • pus-like discharge from the eyes
  • sensitivity to light.

Other Complications
The Mayo Clinic also says that having gonorrhea makes individuals more susceptible to infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

Infants who contract gonorrhea at birth usually suffer from blindness.


so no skeet on my face in case it gets in my eyes….

no one is getting up inside this tight ‘n’ clean
… if i don’t see your papers and a thumbs up from jesus.

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20 thoughts on “I Think These Wolves May Not Like It If Your Booty Cheeks Start Clappin’ Now”

  1. As real as this is, its not going to stop the gays and straights from fucking raw.

    Shit like this is why I wish I had one instead of…yeah you get the point.

      1. He can have papers but if he fucked someone raw the other night and contracted something whatever is on that paper is meaningless and HIV won’t show up on a test for at least three months.

        I mean I believe you if you say you ask for papers, but I’ve never been asked for any and I don’t know anyone has. I don’t even know anyone that would carry test results with them.

        I was about to say something way too real and personal, but I deleted it. You get millions of views on here. LMAO

      2. Even with papers, if he’s had sex with someone else after that test, it’s not covered. In fact, if he’s had sex within 2-3 months of the test – those aren’t covered. You never know unless he’s been monogamous or celibate before the tests & until meeting you. Some STDs you can get even with a condom. It’s real in these streets…

  2. All I need to say is there is a reason why is it if you go to xtube or myfreeblackporn, you’ll find the videos with raw action outnumber the ones that practice safe sex. There is a reason why there are way more ratings and views for the raw videos. These are regular people like me and you recording these videos and commenting and rating them.

    When I first started watching porn Flavaworks had the hot videos with protected sex and everyone was disgusted by Cocodorm with the raw ones. Now it’s pretty obvious Breeditraw is the top studio right now.

    Shit, there used to be a time where you had to convince a bottom or a girl to let you stick the tip in, but now like I said they’ll be waiting face down ass up not even turning around to check if you’re strapped up.

    Shit, I have two text messages in my phone right with no names asking me to come over and bust in their mouth. No lie.

    I told you I used to mess with a dude that made a living out of hosting raw sex parties. You wouldn’t believe how much money he’s making and they go by the Honor Code. If you say you’re clean, they take your word for it.

    So someone needs to address why with all the facts readily available out there is raw sex still becoming more common and desirable than protected.

    I hate to sound paranoid, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a vaccine or cure for all STDs that the government is holding out on.

    Of course I don’t expect anyone to admit they made a post on craigslist with their address and left the door unlocked for any and every dude in the area to come fuck them raw. The shit happens though. Don’t believe me look it up. Look for the videos. Lol

    1. I love you Jay.

      I never knew there were so many people who participated in sex parties and attended bath houses until just recently. The shit is real out here and the gays just don’t seem to care.

    2. Us gays and bisexuals have to start having one sex partner over a period of time. I never have talked more than one dude at a time. Yea we could still end up with someone who is infected but the chances will be reduced especially if we do what it takes to make sure our partners stay faithful. For one, I don’t understand how a man could be so careless in the first place. Yea raw sex may feel good but it’s not worth risking your life for. I don’t care what anyone says HIV is a death sentence, whether you’re on medication or not. When an infected person ages the disease will eventually take over the body and medication will not be able to help them, and plus meds. are to help slow the process of HIV, an infected person will eventually die of aids. Medication like that is expensive anyway and I’m not sure if insurance will cover that.(someone correct me if I’m wrong) I’m sure Mr. Magic Johnson takes some very expensive medications for him to be still living after being diagnosed with HIV over 20 years ago. No I’m not a doctor, but I’m 90% positive that the info I said is correct.

  3. A friend of mine recently informed me he went to go get tested and it came back positive.

    So needless to say, I’m pretty scared to have sex at this point.

    1. Damn I hate to hear that.

      I can’t lie I’ve got caught up a few times, but right now I’m trying to evaluate why I’ve made some of those poor decisions. Part of it is me being impetuous. My rational self usually prevails if I engage myself in intelligent conversation when I get that urge so I’m capitalizing on that.

  4. I once heard one a young guy say, “Well, I have to die from something.” I just shook my head and walked away. It’s pitiful how some people have no regard for their own lives. They, too, hear the horror stories, see the evidence in pics, but they continue to risk it all.

  5. Like Jay said, the facts are out there & people choose to ignore them or stay ignorant. Whether it’s for more pleasure, or kats honestly think they can pop a pill & be alright. Or they see Magic Johnson and nem living large & figure they’ll be okay – not knowing that while HIV is no longer a death sentence, those meds are expensive & you have to be on them FOREVER. Back when you used to see kats w/the lesions & emaciated, we used condoms. Now? It’s whatever. I honestly think kats feel it won’t happen to them or dude/chick says they’re healthy & you believe them…cuz they don’t look sick *side-eye*. I’ve been caught up before, and in the moment you have to make a conscious choice. And I guarantee you many a wolf feels like since he’s not the receptive partner, he’ll be okay. And while you do have those that think about HIV, they forget about all the other STDs…

    I know a dude who caught it from a (nor former) friend — and he’s under 25. Dude still hasn’t quite wrapped his head around it, and it’s been over a year now. I don’t even know what his old buddies’ status is – that dude flipped out on him & blamed my boy. He’s probably still fugging raw – giving HIV & other STDs to other kats.

    You really have to proceed as if your partner is carrying…I used to scoff at dudes that used condoms for oral sex — now it’s not such a bad idea. Either keep it wrapped or don’t do anything…and the latter seems too hard for most people.

    We talk about STDs, but many bacterium are becoming super strains. Doctors prescribe anti-biotics for an ailment, and we don’t finish the prescription cuz we’re feeling better (strike 1). All these anti-bacterial soaps, sponges, sanitizers, etc.(strike 2), kats not washing their hands after the bathroom, coughing, etc. (strike 3) — it’s a general thing, not just about sex.

    Isn’t this a happy Sunday? 🙂

    1. The way he broke it down for me is really simple. You and your attractive homeboys use events like college homecomings, labor day classic games, spring break vacations, etc that bring a lot of men together and use that as an opportunity to have a spot they can go to after the festivities. They all put in money to get a nice, spacious hotel room close to where the event is taking place and they usually invite people by word of mouth or they go on these hookup sites and screen you.

      The day of the party is when they text you the details and the location. Then they screen you before you even get up to the room to make sure you’re HWP and attractive and charge you $20-$50.

      That was how it worked when they first started it, but now they have a website where you can sign up and leave your number with a fake name and they even use to have clips from the party! I don’t want to put the name out there though.

      Man I would kill to get access to the pictures and corresponding numbers in their little database though.

      Hell, some dudes throw parties in warehouses and they build mazes and make it like a dark haunted freakfest. Lol

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