Who Knew The Kardashians Liked Popeyes?

tumblr_nob43t6hpt1qjjqxfo1_540i guess in an effort to show they “down”,
the kardashians posted pictures of them on a private plane eating popeyes…

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-engagement-gifs-kourtney-kardashianis it me…
or does popeyes give anyone else the bubbles?
tmi i know.
before i could eat that for breakfast,lunch,
and dinner.
now that i cook my own food,
fast food just does not do it for me anymore.
either way…
is there a “popeye’s endorsement” in the near future?
you know kruella de jenner will make that happen.

lowkey: who remembers kim cooking “soul food” for kanye?:


pictures credited: khloe | kylie

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Who Knew The Kardashians Liked Popeyes?”

  1. The chicken is meh, but their tenders are fye though…..but they are so stingy with their sauce.

  2. Popeye’s biscuits will choke you if you ain’t careful lol. Better drink some water after each bite. I be hitting myself in the neck and shit trying to swallow them joints. I ain’t the only one who knows of that struggle lol.

  3. Fuck KFC and Church’s, it’s Popeye’s all day. Their chicken tastes way better plus I love their red beans and rice.

  4. Popeye’s is my joint! Besides their amazing chicken I like their fries too! Mmm! That and pizza! Pizza I can do all day every day!
    but yeah, fast food kind of hurts my stomach these days, honestly, it feels like everything hurts my stomach these days! I’m always drinking herbal teas and stuff.

    The Kartrashians can rot! LOL!

  5. Yo…I LOVE Popeye’s chicken! I don’t have it often, but when I do…it’s soooo damn good!

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