A Little Dick S*ckin’ Before You Exit

tumblr_lsauseiyHg1r1hgfdo1_500her exit was quiet…

she was gone by 3pm.
no big spectacular.
people gathered in her near empty office to wish her well.
she got a cake,
dick suckin’ by some people in my department,
and some cards.
its funny how fake people get when people leave.
it was another story at the water cooler.
i didn’t want to be there personally,
but i went to show my face.
i have a hard time hiding my disdain for people.

tumblr_n2zwt14av31tvcydbo1_500i need to work on that.
so i stood in the back in her office.
they said her replacement will come in to train next week.
i guess liar liar isn’t going to be in charge after all.
i wasn’t too disappointed.
they made me vex like shit today tho.
they dumped all this work on me while dick suckin’.
i had no one to cover my lunch break because of this.
my attitude was not to be fucked with by 2pm.
if this is what it would have been like if liar liar was boss,
i would have been the next to resign.

7 thoughts on “A Little Dick S*ckin’ Before You Exit

  1. This post speaks to my soul. I hate playing office politics but, unfortunately, you have to play them. (Que Monique not playing the game for her Oscar.) Don’t play them and they will label you “not a team player.”

    Glad you went. That was smart.

    Now, I’m trying to psyche myself up to attend this bullshit after-work, company event next week. If I go, I’m not drinking one drop of alcohol and will sneak out early. If I don’t go, they will side-eye me for not being a team player. It’s just one of those things you dread but afterwards you’re like “I’m glad I went.”

  2. LOL. You’re good for staying. Our VP thought that we had too many birthday parties in one month, so she instituted a bullshit quarterly birthday party for EVERYONE’S birthday. Just ’cause I like to fuck with them in the office, when the time came for mine…I let it be known that my birthday was X month, and not when we were celebrating…and that I shouldn’t have to share my special day. My supervisor came to me later and said I can’t believe you said that. I said we are adults, but she treats us like we are in kindergarten and I’m REALLY starting to get tired of it. So now I just go and get a piece of cake, if it’s a kind that I like, and go back to my desk. People will come and ask me if I’m okay. I say I’m just fine. They know how I gets down. LOL

    I can’t do phony either, J. Sadly, I can’t hide my disdain for some of my co-workers no matter how hard I try. They get it now…and I could care less.

    1. ^c!
      i feel you!
      if i don’t fuck with you,
      i can’t be phony.
      i am not good at hiding my feelings on my face.
      i was like that today.

    2. Feel you man and J! I know I can talk an earful when I have an opinion, but my face tells you how im feeling without me even trying! That’s why I’m forever in my sunglasses LOL!

      I am SO glad to hear that Liar Liar isn’t going to be your boss! Thank fcking GAWD!
      I hope it gets a little better for you around those parts man!

      1. ^LOL. Maybe I should start wearing shades!! I can’t stand some of my co-workers and it shows on my face, in my voice, and in my actions. Our ER director, this heifer who doesn’t speak until she wants something, is this close from catching an earful. She asked my supervisor one day if there was something wrong with me! I had to tell my supervisor that she can tell her there is nothing wrong with me, the problem is with her.
        I don’t know if her parents taught her manners, but MY parents taught ME that if you see someone in the morning you say either good morning or hello. That seems to be a problem for her, but if she needs something she will come and try to small talk your ear off. She’s rude, plan and simple. And my co-worker who sits next to me agreed! LMAO

        People tell me you have to learn to play the game. I tell them, be my guest and play suck up…but you will NEVER catch me kissing ass to get ahead. That’s NOT gonna happen.
        My work speaks for itself and the people that I help always show appreciation, and to me that matters more than anything the management in my office can say or do, because it’s heartfelt and genuine…when it comes from management, it feels forced.

      2. LMAO Christian! I wish I could work with you. You would have me on the floor! its funny because I am the same way, but not as bold at work. I’m more shady, but still pretty clear about my intentions. I like to let my actions let people know how I feel. I don’t need to say anything LOL!

        I always have the same issue with people not saying hi or being polite. There’s this one bitch at work who doesn’t say hi or doesn;t say thank you when you hold the door for her.

        Now the door thing is a fcking problem! If you don’t want to say hi or good morning, fine, I’ll just ignore you (easier for me LOL) but if I hold the door for you, your old craggy ass better say thank you, I don’t get paid to do that for you! and I’m not THAT nice that I actually give a fuck about chivalry, I’m just choosing to be nice, I can stop that shit anytime! LOL

        Like WTF is WRONG with people?

        So now fuck it, I’m going to try to slam the door in her face now, I’m not playing that shit.

        0 FUCKS given! I’m usually cool, but if some idiot wants to challenge me they better hope they bring some Mayweather level shit because I’m bringing the boxing gloves!

        At this point, I just try to stop even putting my thoughts into people like that, its NOT worth it at all.

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