Tired (With The Day To Prove It)

persons-0042_largewhoever called that i’d be working overtime was right.

well kinda right.
my “soon to be old” boss ain’t even out the door and shit is already hectic.
liar liar decided to call out,
along with 3 other people,
so we had to take on all of their work including our own.
it all screamed:


i had to cut my lunch short and couldn’t even take a break.
the day felt longer and i felt even more tired because of it.
once i left work,
i had to go get my blood tests done.
it was an extremely exhausting day.
when i came in the house,
i went straight to my room and shut the door.
i’m sure mi was wondering wtf was going on.
i literally just woke up from what was supposed to be a quick nap.

tumblr_inline_nkc2utTP3U1qfb043i pray for better days ahead.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Tired (With The Day To Prove It)”

  1. I called it, but Liar isn’t your boss yet lol. She stayed home and kicked it da day huh? “I just got promoted.” Her ass will probably leave y’all high and dry many days once she’s boss. SMH

  2. I know these days all too well, when all you can do is sleep like a caveman because of a long day at work. Shit I don’t even feel like I get stuff done because I’m so tired.

    1. ^im tired in every which way.
      that’s the worse kind of tired.
      I couldn’t even check the news for anything to write about today.
      it was a whole “fuck shit” kind of day.

  3. Better days are coming! Liar Liar is gonna get whats coming to her don’t worry! Hang in there, long enough to see it all go down.

  4. this will be her time to show what she’s made of…but it looks like she’s off to the wrong start already.
    She won’t get far…her days are numbered. LOL

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