I’m Charging 1,500 For Throat Because Rent Is Due

screen-shot-2014-11-04-at-18-04-18-e1415124361109so an f-bi sent me this story and i gotta say:

It’s a juicy one

so cruella de jenner is dating ^corey gamble.
i know.
corey works for justin bieber’s manager.
he is also a scorpio,
who is from atlanta,
and went to morehouse.
that morehouse…
i’m sure the following will connect some dots.
well allegedly,
corey has a hidden side.
peep this story from an anonymous escort

“One of his clients emailed us this story and sent us a video of himself performing oral pleasure on Corey Gamble. He said, “I’m a young black man in my early twenties and I recently moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. Most people would describe me as gay, attractive, and sexually appealing. I’m an outside-the-box thinker and heard about gay male escorts making big money in Hollywood. I figured if I put some serious effort into promoting myself, I could get clients in the entertainment industry.” So here’s the story of my encounter with Corey Gamble from “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.”

It was 12 a.m. on Thursday, September 15, 2015. I was hanging out the Nice Guy in West Hollywood with my friend from Chicago. Suddenly, I received a call on my Iphone from and escort agency I had recently signed up for. The operator tells me I have 30 minutes to make it to the location. She gave me a warning that it was a well paying client. The location was at the London Luxury Hotel in West Hollywood and the room was a penthouse suite. I quickly told my best-friend I had to go handle some buisness. I let him know we would catch up before he left back home to Chicago. I arrived at the London Hotel and knocked on the door. When the door opened I was shocked to see Corey Gamble from “Keeping up with the Kardashians’ standing right in front of me. I walked into the room and asked if anyone else was present. He said a camera was watching my every move.

Corey: “You have to keep this a secret or I will have to take legal action.”
Me: “I promise I won’t tell a soul.”
Corey: “How much do you charge?”
Me: “Before I answer that question, I need you to tell me exactly what you want from me. Be as specific as possible.”
Corey: “I want to pay you for Fellatio. How much will that cost me.”
Me: “$1,500 dollars, in my pocket by the time you ejaculate.”
Corey: “Pull down my pants. I need you to see what I’m working with.”

I slowly pulled down his pants and we laid down in the bed. Before it really hit me, I realized I was giving Kris Jenner’s boyfriend a blow job. I was going to get paid to make him feel good and I wasn’t going to turn back. I tried to think about a man I actually have a crush on. I imagined pulling Chris Brown’s pants down and performing oral pleasure on him. I stroked Corey’s manhood until he achieved full erection. I gave him head like a porn-star because I had to pay rent in two weeks. Corey started to moan and eventually got off. He handed me $1500 in cash and told me I could leave. I quickly put on my clothes and walked towards the door. Before I could get out, he asked me for my phone number.

I wasn’t going to put Corey on blast until he sent me a video of the favor I did for him. I knew cameras were in his hotel suite, but I didn’t think he would record me giving him head. I asked him to delete the video from his phone and he refused. So now the jokes on him because I have nothing to fear.” Video has been posted on tumbler….”

9dc9100535a8c78b0ddb3c88fda6f7081,500 to give that pineapple some throat?
i must be in the wrong profession.
i’d rather not be known as a full time hoe.
part time,
but not full time.

well i mean…
i can see this alleged story being…
15wmdzluh huh.
you know cruella de jenner likes her alleged “suspects”.
my biggest question is…

Why would Corey send the alleged video?

i thought he already covered:


…in the “welcome to the rules of my penis” packet.

i’m more interested in the life of a gay escort.
fuck these hoes doing it for free.
i want to hear the debauchery of the elite.
that story had me on the edge of my seat.
i had to turn my music off to get focused.
i often wonder what male celebs/politicians pay for male escorts?
i’m sure it would blow,
no pun intended,
our minds if we knew.

Where is this alleged video?

the foxhole needs it for research purposes.

lowkey: i’m always hearing good things about morehouse wolves.
s’all ima say.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “I’m Charging 1,500 For Throat Because Rent Is Due”

  1. I just don’t buy that there are very many black high paid escorts when these pineapples will settle for designer clothes and trips and then go back to their spot in the trap

    1. Im with Jay. $1500 for head…absurd. The only male whores who get even close to that money are relatively famous attentionistos and the only people who pay that much are the kind who feel the need to throw away money to buck up their egos…like the stupid athletes who “make it rain” in strip clubs.

      1. Did you see the video? It could be Obama’s dick or anyone. Some people said the escort wrote the same story about a basketball player (I don’t know who) on Instagram.

      1. I have to say this. The escort is just capitalizing on the notoriety of the Kardashians to write fake stories about them knowing very well gullible people believe it just because they don’t like the family.

        I don’t think Corey deserve this bullshit. He didn’t do anything to anyone. People need to stop hating him.

  2. Well the story seems to be false but I will say the escort seems to have some skills from the video lol

    1. Last comment from me. I would not be surprised if Corey plans to sue the “escort”. This rumor is false and disgusting. SMH. Have a great day.

  3. I thought Corey was cute until you posted that foto, now I’m grossed out. The story would definitely be hot if it’s true, but I LOVE hearing stories from escorts and prostitutes. I was obsessed with HBO prostitution documentary series especially the one in the Bronx at Hunts Point where this girl got inside this pineapple’s car and out of nowhere this other nigga pop out of the backseat and they grab her. Not only did they raped her with their penises but they raped her with the gun. It was crazy.

    I was remember this other prostitute (transsexual) went to the Yankee stadium with this guy to blow him off. While she was in front of him and without knowing, he had a cement block and knock her with it. The prostitute who was telling the story said she had a funny feeling so she went to go check up on her friend cause she wasn’t too far where they were originally supposed to go to. She came in time to rescue her friend and threat the guy with the pistol gun to leave.

    I also used to watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. It was a T.V. series on Showtime that was based on the life of a real-life Call Girl who wrote about her sex stories and the guys she was serviced on her blog. I loved that show.

    But yeah I am absolutely addicted to escorts and prostitutes because they have one of the most best stories in the world from being almost killed to death to having secret meetings with billionaires and politicians who have dirty sexual needs.

  4. Idk bout this, but I do know I don’t need a disco nap now; his piercing eyes in the 1st pic gave me life…

  5. I see a lot of guys from more house on insta and most seem to be dl or gay

    Jamari can you do a post about this

    1. So Samuel L Jackson, Spike Lee, and Herman Cain attended Morehouse college. Are they gay? So stupid.

  6. I knew this story was a lie when I read Thursday, Sept 15 2015 when 09/15/2015 was on a Tuesday last year. SMH these fools as posted on another entry will get on social media and say any damn thing or make up any damn thing for attention. GTFOH with this BS. Now if that pic is really Kris Jenner boyfriend Wow, I have no words.

  7. Lol you know a story is fake when it starts with “Suddenly….” I can’t with this reading rainbow novel smh

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