The Most Offensive Thing I Have Witnessed (Odell Beckham Jr)

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.07.50 PMthis is the rudest fuckin’ things i’ve seen in a long time.
i don’t even…
so in a nutshell,
a hyena asks odell beckham jr’s father on his ig if his cub is gay.
the father also replied.
an f-bi damn near blew up my emails about this.
look at this shit…





















tumblr_no926oWwdk1qld3a2o2_r1_540i understand this is social media.
i understand we joke around and have no filter.
what i don’t understand if the balls some hyenas have.
this is behind a keyboard,
mind you.
it baffles me how animals lack home training nowadays.

Is everyone this hungry to find out Odell Beckham Jr’s sexuality?

the whole question:

“many fans of odell would like to know
we have never seen him have a gf or have a child
and he should be fuckin all of the bitches”

we don’t know what odell is doing right now.
he could be balls deep up in some vixen as we font.
this another problem

him having a GF,
or fuckin’ a ton of hoes would make him “straight”?

there are foxholers who i communicate with that have GFs,
and are fuckin’ a ton of bitches.
most of them trying to taste my foxhole as well.
i see why so many get fooled nowadays.

cut it outtttttttttttttt.
i felt like hittin’ up his father was out of control.
maybe it’s just me?
maybe there are some lines i feel shouldn’t be crossed.
maybe that individual needs to be dragged from here to timbuktu.
i don’t know.
i don’t get the low class species anymore.

giphyyou know how much i thank god the foxhole has class?
you all are very intelligent and raised right.
we can get ratchet,
but we don’t get disrespectful.
if i found out any members of the foxhole were doing shit like this,
you will be banished.

lowkey: and they are part of the hive.
does bey want to know this information?
the fuck?
i can’t anymore.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “The Most Offensive Thing I Have Witnessed (Odell Beckham Jr)”

  1. The disrespect is mind blowing. There are lines not to be crossed and thus was defiantly crossing one. Ugh I swear people just want to have someone “figured out” so THEY can rest easy and put people in a box.

    The fact that Odell is a good looking guy who doesn’t take himself seriously, not out exposing his sexual life by fucking a ton of groupies, goes to the club to actually DANCE and not just stand on the wall trying to look tough and uninterested, and plays the game he’s getting paid for people don’t get it. They pull out the gay/bisexual card because to them a straight man can act and do the things he does with out having to prove their straightness.

    1. ^i mean…
      is findin out gonna help the animals sleep at night?

      that question,
      and the way it was formed,
      was a violation.

      that’s like someone seeing your parents,
      don’t know them,
      but walking up and asking them if you’re gay because you don’t have a girl.
      automatic throw them paws on em.

  2. you are totally in the right man. to ask his pops that question (and worse trying to be slick by “praising him” in the first 2 sentences) is simply out of line. he’s lucky Odell’s pops didn’t go the fuck off on him

    1. ^very classy response.
      i applaud the father.

      other fathers,
      depending on how homophobic,
      would have started policing their cubs.

      “why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

      that opens up a whole can of future fuck shit.

  3. I know this was a teen because of the high dis-respectfulness. To be dumb is one thing, but to be disrespect is disgusting. And of course it was a Beyonce beehive because these ignorant fools lack charm and class. Mock my words, something bad is going to happen to Beyonce with these beyhives. They are out of control.

  4. This definitely crosses the line when it pertains to respect. Even if he was gay or bisexual, I highly doubt that his father would know. What is funny to me is that people are only asking because they believe he is fair game to them. I want to be clear about this. Y’all will never have this man, no matter how much you lust, plead, or investigate his dating life to see whether he is family or not. The man is not gay, let it go and move on already. It is tired at this point. I can only imagine how he feels about all of this.

  5. Eh it comes with the territory so I’m hardly shedding tears for OBJ or his father. They’re sitting on so much money they should hardly care about insignificant questions on social media.

    The same thing happens in real life when you’re good looking but you never bring women around. People will ask your parents about your love life and family will joke ” you’re not gay are you?”

    He’s just dealing with it on a very public platform.

    1. Speaking on him never bringing women around, I do not believe that is the case. I personally do not know him, but I suspect think he has a good PR team who suggest he keeps his dating life a secret in order for him to stay relevant outside of football. The possible reason being that he may not date black women, which has been said for a while now. I know for a fact that if that was the case, some women and a lot of men in this lifestyle would be devastated and treat him like an outcast.

      1. He wouldn’t be unique from any other professional athlete if that’s the case lol.

        I just keep thinking of that unbelievable rumor he was dating Amber Rose and that spectacle with Zendaya when there was obviously zero chemistry.

        His cousin Terron dates the most unfortunate looking white women I’ve ever laid eyes on lol.

        He’s going to get paid regardless so I doubt that’s the case.

    2. LMAO @ The Zendaya & Amber Rose PR move!! Funny how you don’t hear from them anymore. Everything is smokes and mirrors in showbiz-ness. Perception is reality for them. Everything is an marketing image crafted by a team to push a brand. That’s why I don’t believe anything that these “celebrities” do anymore. It lacks genuineness.

  6. It is amazing the level of ignorance displayed by people. Love the response by Odell and his pops!

  7. WOW. Some people have absolute no respect or chill. What the fuck made them think that his father would tell them that his son like to play with boys.

  8. People have no shame nowadays. They ask the rudest and most invasive things. In addition to doing questionable shit.

  9. There is no such thing as respect or boundaries on social media. It just doesn’t exist. It SHOULD, but it doesn’t. Social media is “anything goes”. If I were a celebrity, I’d have apublic page where I do my promos and ads for my stuff, and have someone else manage that, then I’d have a private page that I manage, only for people I actually know. As for his father, probably best not to respond and make your profile private as well. If I had a famous family member, I wouldn’t even have a social media. I would want to be as “off-the-grid” as possible. Def don’t want to be dragged into that mess!

  10. These bitches on social media are so tacky and trite. I hope ODBjr does not succumb to the pressure of just trying to get with someone to quiet the rumors like someone else who we know who has an upcoming marriage. Live your life ODBjr.

    @Jay, you are going to hell for almost having me choke talking about ODBjr cousin Terron girlfriend. Bro I thought I was the only one who was like Damn she is a Buttaface but it seems like most of these str8 gym dudes have less than average looking tragic face white or other race girlfriends, rarely are they pretty or hell for that matter even cute.

    1. Lmao! It’s true though! The black gym fiends are the only ones that get the ugly white chicks. These Latino and white dudes get the bad ones.

      I saw Terron Beckhams most recent video with his new girl and she looks twice his age and in thinking she’s gotta be rich and giving him money.

  11. Odell Beckham got $5.8 million dollars (signing bonus) instantly deposited into his bank account the moment he signed with the NY Giants. Then he signed a four year deal worth $10.4 Million in guaranteed money. Does anyone think he has a single f*ck to give about some clucka on IG or Twitter. He’s 23 years old and he’s a multimillionaire! He’s enjoying his life and I wish him nothing but love. 😚


  12. My main issue is that people LOVE to box Black men. If a Black man doesn’t act a certain way then he is “questionable”. And they wonder why so many black men fall victim to this mentality. It’s mental prison and I refuse to conform. Futhermore, Mr/Mrs “Beyhive”, Odell wouldn’t fuck you either way. Mind your business silly hoe.

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