Exploring The Forest Underneath The Palm Trees

karaoke is currently having sex.
well she’s about too.
currently is,
i dunno…
either way she introduced me to the wolf she is talking too.
you remember him, don’t you?
the one who had ( x the fetish for anime cartoon characters ).
yeah him.
i met tonight and well…

today was a pretty interesting day.
while new york is dealing with “bubble jackets” with a chance of “snow boots”,
jamari fox is luxuriating in the warmth down south.
it was a high of 80 something today.
wardrobe: basketball shorts and no care to emote.

tumblr_ly0d3aamMv1r6w575o1_500i got my first mini tour of the forest.
karoke’s friend being the tour guide.
if you have no car,
you are shit out of luck here.
i’m staying in the ritzy part of suburbia.
that would explain why there are is so much snow.
i mean,
its everywhere.
i went to a mall today and lord,
i haven’t been to one of those in years.
it was outside with many stores.
if i had money,
my credit card would be on fire,
but i windowed shopped like a good fox and didn’t indulge in the festivities.
i got a lot of smiles today.
“good morning.”
“hi how are you?”
i’m not use to that.
im use to people who are rude as shit and the only time they speak is to yell.
“why are you moving so slow?”
“get out the way!”

tumblr_msq7i48BVx1rzgvfyo2_250we went to the ghetto mall after.
blacks everywhere.
the hood of florida is different from the ones in new york.
well for one they’re not very stylish here.
i saw extremely baggy jeans to insanely low shorts.
dingy shirts and everything distressed.
dreads seem to be the hair style of choice.
i must have saw about one or two cute wolves,
but other than that,
send them back to the meat market.

i fed turtles today.
swimming snapping turtles that live in karaoke’s friends home.
he has this pond thing in the back of his house.
it was so beautiful and for that split second,
i felt peaceful.
i had no worries.
didn’t think about anything.
i just enjoyed.
he is really cool and taught me a lot about the area.
his rent is 625.
one bedroom apartment/water included.
that doesn’t even exist in new york.
you’d be lucky to get a closet for 625.

i came home and fell asleep for a little.
karaoke and company came in from work soon after.
he is actually really nice.
a tad strange,
but i like him for her.
he bought me a huge bottle of moscato as a welcoming gift.
i told him i use to watch sailor moon as a kid.
that lowered his any guard he had up immediately.
guess what i also did?
i got them hooked on american horror story: coven.

it went from one episode to “lets watch one more”.
five episodes later,
they were hooked.
well karoke kinda.
wolf forget she was here for him and she left us.
i noticed tonight i have this thing,
this power,
where i make people really comfortable with me.
i don’t want people to feel on edge or need to put on a front.
i just want you to just “be”.
it has created subtle jealousy amongst insecure people.
i call it being friendly.
you call it what you want.

tomorrow i got the heads up we will be spending thanksgiving in alabama.
not just any part,
but its apparently in “no man’s dirt land”.
we’ll be roughing it.
talk of “maybe no wifi”.
i nearly threw up on my shoes.
my idea of roughing it is paying a bill by phone.
hell taking the bus.
i’ll be bringing my laptop anyway,
plus i have an idea for a book i want to start writing,
so we’ll see how that goes.

lowkey: some of my fox trails to enjoy:

17 thoughts on “Exploring The Forest Underneath The Palm Trees

  1. Florida boys are actually really good looking. Once you clean them up and give them some style. Try to look past the nappy dreads, air force one’s, and baggy jeans. They’re stuck in the early 2000s down there. It’s hard to find Atlanta, DC, NY style blacks in Florida…..it’s just different…

  2. Hey Jamari, you’re still young so have you thought about looking for a job in the south. I read somewhere that Texas(Dallas Houston San Antonio) are booming with job growth. From your past works I’m guessing your area of expertise is public relations. Welcome to the South I’m currently in Alabama

    1. Thanks for bringing me out of lurking….I’m telling you guys the south (TX) is where everything is.I moved here from Bmore a couple of years ago and never looked back….. I used to live in San Antonio and now I’m in Austin and I consign what you just said. Austin is the place to b when it comes to PR, Marketing, startups etc..I call this city the Silicon Valley of the South…. The boys in Houston are so…don’t get me started lol . Jamari, come to TX oh! you will never regret it. Don’t get me wrong I miss the DMV area sometimes but that’s about it.

  3. I’m happy for you, even though you’re a son of bitch for bragging about the weather which was completely rude. There one thing I noticed that seem unsatisfying to you, but I just don’t want to say it yet until further notice.

  4. He is an internet stalker I have proof along with countless other people you stalk under your ALIAS via the internet

  5. I dont believe shit this dude writes unless its linked to a credible sight, he is feeding you people LIES while he internet stalks people under his alias

    1. ^nigga get the fuck out my comments with your bullshit ass logic.
      you stay creepin on my shit like an obsessed ass stalker yet you don’t like or trust anything I say.
      so why the fuck you here for?
      fuck outta here with your shit because you getting on my last nerve with your inch eye private eye bull shit.

      1. I caught that. He is clearly not as smart as he portrays himself to be. He is just another troll, but he will leave just like all the rest. They all leave.

  6. So happy for you, Jamari. This getaway seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Really glad you decided to go. Take good care.

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