Baller Wolf TJ Ward Had To Check His Balls After He Gets Pranked

131125-tj-ward-cp-1the locker room for many baller wolves can be prank central.
well the browns decided to prank their teammate,
tj ward,
by putting his rat in his locker.
look at what he does after he gets scared tho…

funnyyes tj.
you handled that pretty well.
your balls are still there.
you didn’t bitch out or anything.
me on the other hand if i pranked with a rat…
yeah no.

picture source: cleveland browns

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Baller Wolf TJ Ward Had To Check His Balls After He Gets Pranked”

  1. LOL. He wasn’t that scared tho. Was I the only one looking at his hands after he saw the rat? He was adjusting that towel every which way. I was waiting for it to pop out.

  2. Weird, I hate when dudes do that.I know our balls itch and sometimes you have to adjust them but there’s no reason to do it in front of people.I might hate it because my male family members always do it in front of me.I don’t wanna see them touching their balls.Yuck.

  3. ^^^^^ is obviously a Female . She needs to get on a flight to New Orleans, find the Louisiana Superdome, buy a ticket to the Saints game, find his section in the stands and have SEVERAL SEATS.

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