Chris Brown Does The Walk of Shame

tumblr_mvejwxnZOQ1rii1hdo4_1280spotted: nothing’s worse than doing the walk of shame….
…out of jail after making an ass of yourself for the,what 2,000th time in the last 3 years?
chris brown has finally been released and his beloved #teambreezy was there to capture the moment…

ironically it should have been the last scene from my fav movie ( x jawbreaker ):


The charges against singer Chris Brown and his bodyguard stemming from a weekend fight were reduced to simple assault misdemeanors Monday.

The two men, who had spent the previous 36 hours in a Washington jail, entered a packed courtroom in leg irons and handcuffs, but at the end they were unshackled and released without bail Monday afternoon.

Brown, 24, was ordered to report to his California probation officer within 48 hours and to stay at least 100 yards away from the man he is accused of assaulting early Sunday. Both men must return to court on November 24.

lets hope chris can immediately go find a chair and sit his ass down until the alprazolam kicks in.
somehow i don”t think this is the last we’ll be seeing of chris brown’s rage.
phyllis diller
was once quoted as saying:
“never go to bed mad.
stay up and fight.”
in chris brown’s case:
fist fight.

article source: cnn

Author: jamari fox

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One thought on “Chris Brown Does The Walk of Shame”

  1. He needs some jail time.He can have a break from people and the internet since he has such a short fuse.He needs to just go somewhere without a cellphone and meditate.He also needs to hire bodyguards that don’t hit people.There jobs are to restrain, not ball up there fists.I shouldn’t be surprised that his bodyguards would do that, after all, it is Fist Brown.

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