Future Decided To Put A Ring On It (Ciara Being It)

ciaraandfutureciara and future are allegedly engaged!
couldn’t be me.
that wolf already came with a village,
baby mama drama,
and an f-bi said she’s allegedly about to become another one.
am i the only one who would be stingy with my pussy if i was a vixen?
not every wolf could drop “open in 9 months” packages off up in there.
i like drop offs where i can see em:
my checking and savings account.
congrats tho!

lowkey: baby and drama free colin kaepernick tried to get at her on twitter.
her pussy is obviously on the fritz.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Future Decided To Put A Ring On It (Ciara Being It)”

  1. At least she knows he not shooting blanks, if i was a single independent vixen i would not be looking for no guy with his own genetic tribe. I dated a police wolf once, who had 2 kids the little boy would not leave us alone for 1 second. i think he found his daddy was paying me too much attention. Kid almost caught me squeezing on his daddy smh@myself lol.

    Treat that pussy with pride it can secure you for life.

  2. Does this mean he will quit sleeping with men on the low? They say he fucks Rocko like crazy lol. I been hearing that for a minute.

    Congrats to them tho.

      1. Yea Rocko is a little thick. Not to mention, you can look at him and see that he is a queen in the bedroom. I could see him bitching out while getting some pipe. Can’t you?

        I’ve heard of Future and Rocko too many times. Situations like this bother me, and it hits home. I know a few dudes who sleep on their girls with men.

        Story time lol. I ain’t told a story in a while. This is a good one and it’s juicy lol.

        An old friend of mine and his girl are going to my school. My friend is on the DL, and he cheats on his girl with men. However, I don’t think he has been hooking up since he has been here, but I’m not sure. They talk about him heavy back at home, so heavy he transferred back high schools years ago to get away from it all. One of his parents caught him in bed with a boy a few years back, and he has been seen all up on other guys throughout our town. How messy is that? Well anyway, seeing him shocked me. I’m over two hours away from home, so I never expected to see anyone I knew, definitely not him or his girl. The circles talked about me, so he knows of my rumors and based on his reaction when he saw me he knows his ol friend likes both sexes. That’s not the worst part tho, his girlfriend is my ex girlfriend best friend. Crazy huh? Back when me and my ex were talking a couple years back, she and I talked about her their relationship. His girl is dumb as hell and is a fool over him, and it’s sad because she is a nice and deserves better. I’ve known her for a while, and I’m not gonna lie, I feel obligated to tell her about his ways lol. I’m not tho. She has been warned and doesn’t listen. So hey.

  3. Everyone needs to know that there are no straight men. Most of the guys this day and time will suck your dick and want you to fuck them! I do not mind it one bit give me that ass and suck my dick bitch!!!

  4. Do you really see Future having a career going past like the next 3 yrs? Thats a damn shame if she chose him over Colin Kaepernick if thats true.

  5. Colin is maad thirsty on instagram….them girls on LSA be on his every like and comment…quite messy for him. he know he fahn tho.

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