Who Wouldn’t Want Trey Songz To Visit Them While In Jail?

artworks-000040920468-gemv85-originalwhat about yourrrr friendsssss.
will they stand their ground?
will they let you down?
im still in tlc mode.
so fresh off his concert at howard homecoming,
our favorite trey songz aka songzbird went to go rekindle his va bromance with breezy wolf.
aka the violent one.
as you know breezy wolf is currently the prison entertainment.
um, dancing and performing.
what did you think?
georgia_daddy on insatgram got intel of the whole thing…

#teambreezy even some support outside the courthouse:

2lpcehi wonder if trey had a file in his jacket pocket?
maybe a kite?
i thought it was nice he went to visit chris.
i mean who else is going down there?
lets hope he comes out of jail feeling more… open.
um, about life.
what did you think?
anyway here is a song to fit the moment:

breezy wolf had it coming?

video found: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Want Trey Songz To Visit Them While In Jail?”

  1. Trey Songz acting like Chris Brown boyfriend at that court room causing a scene and shit. WHATS REALLY GOING ON????????

  2. Well Breezy got off again charges reduced, didn’t have to take drug test, no bail.He and his fans can celebrate until his next screw up.I read none of his crew was at the courthouse.Well they probably have outstanding warrants.His mom was there ,mothers always show up.I hope he goes back home with her.

  3. I thought of this yesterday. I was thinking about Chris needing a mentor and Trey popped in my head since he has a clean image.

    This is not a good look tho. Something is off about this. Trey wonders why he has gay rumors now. This could be a reason. Why you visiting a nigga that has been locked up for two days?

    S/N: I’m still on TLC. Been listening to their music more than usual the past week.

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