Cum On In (Your Latex Body Suit Is Available With Proof of Address)

9237_20120604_082713_tumblr_m4nnmpnZKC1qaxabmo1_500so last week when my baby was at apple,
i did something i haven’t done in a while.
brace yourself.
jamari fox went to the library….

i don’t think I’ve been to the library in years.
by years i was in high school doing a group project.
i had to go there to take this skill test for the temp agency in microsoft office.
as well as a typing test.
the results will help them place me for a job.

when i got to the library,
for one i noticed i looked way too presentable.
everyone was bummy as all get out,
there were jailbirds and homeless people everywhere,
and it was just way too hood for my liking.

lysolpeople were on the computers looking at facebook,
playing candy crush,
and doing other shit without a care in the world.
i had to get a library card to just to use the computers.

newyorklibrarywhen i reserved a pc,
another device i haven’t used since high school,
i had to wait a good hour and a half.

*insert massive eye roll here*

if i didn’t have to take this test,
i would have bounced and never looked back.
as i waited,
i decided to check out the books they had.
again another item i haven’t touched in years.
i realized at that moment just how digital my life has become.
i usually read books and magazines on my iPad.
one thing about me is i love to read.
nerd alert?
so i picked up:
elynnharrisi read his e lynn’s books on the low from my parents.
he helped me understand the lifestyle better,
as well as awakened my love for football players.
basil henderson seemed like my dream wolf.
i got hooked on the book immediately,
but half way into reading,
my number came up to take the test.
i sat between two hood boogers at the station,
one of which was blasting rick ross in his headphones.

“how great!
“lets hope it deafened him sooner than later,” i thought,
i tried not to let it distract me and i tried my best to drown him out.
my scores with little studying?

word: 90%
outlook: 87%
power point(which i never used before): 63%
excel: 35%
typing test: 54 words a minute/some mistakes

tumblr_mhcc5nER4K1ribnwko1_500had to take the L somewhere,
but i barely used excel at my past jobs.
i sent the confirm email to the snow bunny at the temp agency,
checked out the book,
and was on my way.
ya know the library is not that bad.
definitely had no cuties in there to speak of.
i may find myself in there more often.
preferably around the times the hood and homeless don’t show up.

lowkey: thank you nerd for the help you provided in email!
i looked over excel a little,
but it was hard especially on the ipad.
i did pick up a few things tho,
but clearly not enough LOL

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Cum On In (Your Latex Body Suit Is Available With Proof of Address)”

  1. Oh My!!! I read every single books by E Lynn Harris, even the one he was writing before he passed away….Dude, Basil Henderson was the shit…U know who reminds me of Basil Henderson every time I see him on TV? Michael Straham lol…don’t ask me why…Nerd alert here too haha, I remember my coworkers used to make fun of me for spending my lunch time at Barnes n Nobles.

    1. ^aww shit.
      i am so glad you know about his stuff!
      i was starting to think I was the only one lol

      i can see how basil and michael were the same.
      rumor has it,
      it was based on yancey thigpen.
      a retired baller wolf who allegedly was close to e lynn.

  2. With Excel, I always tell people everything is right there. You just have to play with it a little, and you will find everything you need to help you.

    Good Luck with everything tho man.

  3. This reminds me of the last time I went to our main public library it was full of hopeless people who were just using it as a rest stop to pass the time or the homeless who were using it as their living room and the smell was out of this world, I used to be a fixture in the library when I was a kid. My mom introduced me to the world of books and I feel like my library card was plane ticket and passport to the whole world. Sadly I have stop using her due to being able to find everything online or through amazon using the Kindle app, its just so much more convenient than having to worry about checking out books and returning them. Hey J I had to take that same test for a agency and scored about the same on my excel lol, but I use it everyday at work and its like I wish I would have just played with years ago, its my favorite work tool now.

    1. ^@tajan

      i pray that score gets me in the door.
      it would be stupid if i didn’t.
      like I can’t get on google and look up how to do something I don’t know.

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