Breezy Wolf Is The New Michael Jackson?

i know what you are thinking.
“wait until i slap the pores off jamari’s face”.
well i was semi joking.
aside all his bullshit,
breezy wolf has a new video for his new album on the way.
the song is called “fine china” and well...


i did like the song.
i also love when he dances.
i didn’t hear one ounce of autotune.
maybe he is on the way back?
maybe he has stopped being a dumbass?

tumblr_mkl3l2besr1qf7rl9o1_500let’s hope

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Is The New Michael Jackson?”

  1. WOW… Good new material… plus some acting thrown in to boot!!! And let’s not forget about all that PRINT in that video! Oooooh Lawd!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris is just not a vocalist to me and there is definitely auto tune on this he just didn’t over do it. I think my problem with the song is that it sounds out of his range or the key is too night for his vocals. Listen to his falsettos notes if you what to know what I’m talking about. Those were the roughest falsetto notes I’ve ever heard. But I’m glad he didn’t release any Euro-pop track.

  3. Great song! Maybe he is headed in the right direction this time musically and professionally. I sure hope so!

  4. 1. The acting was horrible…
    2. Meh, been here & done this…
    3. MJ would have KILLED this video and this track back in the day
    4. Chris Brown is just not “likeable” anymore
    5. The lead girl is not up to par!
    6. The song itself is pretty cool. I didn’t like it at first, but after a second listen I can dig it. Nice groove.

  5. He’s not even bothering to mime the lyrics. He is biting MJ hard core, but a change had to come tocompete with the juggernaut that is Timberlake.

  6. The song is very “The Way You Make Me Feel”. Glad he came back to R&B and left that dance shit alone

  7. *screams at top of lungs* This is the Chris that I have been missing. As soon as it started I was like “fuck yea”

  8. The video is cool. I love the song.

    There is auto tune on this record though. And as MindBlown noted, his falsetto notes are incredibly strained. The song is a little out of his range. What he should have done was take it down an octave. He sounds better on records like “Don’t Judge Me” than songs like this where he’s reaching outside of his comfort zone.

    …like Alicia noKeys.

  9. Wow, Breezy, what a great tribute to Michael Jackson, but I love it, great summer song.

  10. He will never reach Michael Jackson’s level of fame. People need to stop saying “Is he the next? Is She the next?” NO! These people are their own artist!

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