All That Walkin’ So He Be Face Down; Ass Up

olivia-marie-big-ass-gif_zpsaf609ebccigarette in hand.
puffing his life away.
walking like he has somewhere to be.
he doesn’t.
just to the bodega for a coffee.
hat low.
he sips it slow.
he lookin’ for something else tho…

…something long.
something thick.
you can tell by his walk.
the way he talks.
he wants people to notice.
i notice.
all eyes are always on that.
that caramel covered thing accompanied by that mean switch.

he know its fat ya’ll.
his shirt purposely sits on the top.
drawz all out.
butt cheeks in the wind.
nothing but bait.
he know what he doing.
he wants the hood wolves to notice him.
i bet they have.
on those late nights.
i’m sure these horniest of the hood have paid him a visit.
bent over his bed,
dicked down,
and bounced.
once upon a time i would have admired him.
he’s gettin’ play.
why not i?
i’m just as good enough.
sexy enough.
handsome enough.
i wanted more than a late night creep.
no acknowledgement in the streets.
i didn’t want that.
that’s basic jigga shit.
i bet he has stories.
the queens in the hood always have the best stories…

7 thoughts on “All That Walkin’ So He Be Face Down; Ass Up

  1. There’s a guy like this at the college I attend! He has a humongous ass and huge thighs. He stays wearing the tightest pants. He makes it obvious by always looking around to see who’s looking though. When he catches someone looking, he laughs, smiles or tries to start conversation with them.

      1. Oh shit. It’s a dude in your neighborhood like that? loll. Damn. Does he get attention from dudes?

        1. ^i don’t know.
          i know they look or low key laugh when he walks by.
          the same ones laughing are the same ones who probably got their dick in his guts too.
          he purposely walks with his ass out and a fitted damn near covering his head.
          always wearing sweats and tight jeans.
          when he walks,
          he looks like a chick from the back.
          that shirt is ALWAYS up in the back above his cheeks.
          white or black drawz.
          he know what he doing.

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