It’s Safe To Say Raven Symone Is Offically Out

ok wowjust a hunch.
ETA: f-bi seriously?
that is not even her.
i was crazy shocked to see raven pull something like this.
i always struck her as a low-key
thanks to the other f-bi who cleared it up.
sexy shot tho.

lowkey: why does it remind me of a woman who got turned out?

B Scott: Come Up or Calm Down?

tumblr_llax9wJHXI1qh36i0o1_500b scott is still flippin mad over that little incident from the bet awards.

x read here for an update

well he wants them to still feel all his wrath.
what he gonna do?
sue em right to hell.
2.5 million dollars worth of brimstone…

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I Wonder If LL Burrell Is Good In Bed?

…. shit I’m curious.

I see him acting all extra in these videos of his.
I wonder if he can slang some serious pipe to a hot ‘n’ horny Vixen?
With this body….



But out of all the “please put the camera down” light skin Wolves,
At least this one ended up on television…

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