I Wonder If LL Burrell Is Good In Bed?

…. shit I’m curious.

I see him acting all extra in these videos of his.
I wonder if he can slang some serious pipe to a hot ‘n’ horny Vixen?
With this body….



But out of all the “please put the camera down” light skin Wolves,
At least this one ended up on television…


What is that peen looking like?
Inquiring Foxes want to know LL…
So bless us with some good stuff.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Wonder If LL Burrell Is Good In Bed?”

  1. I could care less about his peen, I wanna know more about him. He has a good head on his shoulders, and he has a great personality. He could most def. be my boyfriend.

  2. He is cute in a hood kind of way, you know the dude who you see at the corner store, carwash, hooping in the park and say damn he is cute, but not so much in a Hollywood type of way, much like the infamous George Hill, they look good in the Bonner Bro Hair Show Fashion Show, or on Tumblr etc but they dont have the look to sell it in Hollywood, he would be good fitness model. Sex would probably be pretty good, since he is in great shape. He seems like he may be holding a little something. Its funny to me that they get a little local press on FBook and the Blogs and the next thing they are headed for Hollywood. Im sure he will probably be in a Madea/Tyler Perry play before he is done, or at least be in a Rihanna video.

  3. I see guys that look like him all the time. Literally.He’s not unattractive. I probably wouldn’t give him two looks though. Unless I was looking for a dick print.

    1. Shut up, you kill me with that shit. You know you will still tap the ass if he was full of himself, so stop frontin.

      1. Fvcking you & having a relationship are two different things. Of course I don’t have to like you to smash, but that wasn’t my point. But we’ve established that about me (and most of us wolves already) lol

  4. I agree , it’s only a matter of time before Tyler Perry snatches him up for a role of course but dude is beautiful

    1. If Tyler grabs him, then that means he’s at least open to the idea of men…if only for the right price lol

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