The Sex Put Me To Sleep (and Not In The Way I Liked)


the action of making something an anticipation.
i like that word.
i want it now.
i have to have it.
it will be mine.
that’s “hype”.
hype can sell albums,
television shows,
good looking people,
and sex tapes.
i’m talking about the hyped up sex tape
featuring mimi faust and nikko
the one that started on tmz,
went over to wshh,
and then everyone was talking about it.
an f-bi sent me the tape tonight via five finger email and i gotta say:

sleep-chandlerthat shit was ALL HYPE.
it was super boring.
why did i feel like they put all the best parts in the trailer?
i don’t really have a favorite scene.
maybe i expected too much?
maybe i wanted to experience an orgasm myself?
well everyone pretty much agrees with me as well.
shame because they both had some kind of attention.
i almost thought joseline and stevie j were about to get run over by mimi’s bus.
well not happ’n.
a majority of us feel…
am i the only one?
well i guess back to irrelevancy they go…

tumblr_mtne1pe8tc1rsmn3yo1_400…and they can take their shower rod with them.

for the NSFW and 18^:


17 thoughts on “The Sex Put Me To Sleep (and Not In The Way I Liked)

  1. I agree that it was a snooze. The bodies were nice, though. They should have done research or had a rehearsal before the actual filming. The best “celeb” sex tape that I’ve seen has been the colin farrell tape. The CF sex tape wasn’t amazing but they were hilarious.

  2. Bore Bore. Nico has a nice body but it wasn’t enough for me to get excited especially with no emotions as if he was some robot on demand. I prefer a Darren James or Johnny Castle with ass.

  3. The hype around the tape was more so about the bullshitting surrounding it. I didn’t think there were any real expectations in terms of the quality of the sex or anything!

  4. You can best believe if it was me putting myself out there like that, it would be one hell of a sex tape. No way I would show all my business and become an embarrassment to my family for so boring, amateur bullshit. She was the closest thing to class you got on Love and Hip Hop and now she ain’t no better than Joseline’s ratchet ass.

  5. When I was watching the video all I could think about was Joseline and Stevie J having way better sex than them.

  6. I saw the whole video. I was highly disappointed. It was a real snooze fest to me. She wasn’t moaning loud and he wasn’t moaning at all. There wasn’t that much penetration going on. The shower rod scene was ehh. It wasn’t what I expected honestly. And no cum shot at all! lol. The trailer was the best thing about this sextape.

  7. i was thinking the same thing i JUST finished it a second ago…the only part i enjoyed was just seeing his sexy ass body time and time again…BUT it was the WORST sex tape ever…i think it’s up there with RayJ and Kim K in regards to how boring it is…shit the trailer was the best part, one thing i can say it felt more like they were making love in some parts versus having sex…idk about everyone else when i see a porno i dont want to see no one making lve…i i want to see someone getting fucked…shit my chocolate boo can make a sextape with his stroke the way he put it down on me the other night…this shit made me almost fall to sleep i’m about to watch tyler perry neighbors from hell i need a laugh after that snoozefest…although i still love them as a couple they need to stick to their day job…PLUS there was NO CUM SHOT…how do you have a porno without the cum shot?!??!?!

    1. I thought this was just a preview of the full length tape.There has to be more, nobody is going to buy a five minute video.I wouldn’t pay 99¢ for a five min sex tape.

  8. No water works, no passion anno nuts busted. And the shower rod trick wasn’t as good as everybody made it seem like.

  9. Nikko is such a bored..not interested in Mimi what so ever while she tired so hard to get it popping.

  10. All sex tapes are boring. Kim K and Ray J’s, Paris Hilton, etc…

    They’re all lucky they’re celebrities or else their videos would be looked at as crappy amateur porn that we’d watch for a few minutes and then stop watching, hoping we click on a good one next.

  11. I saw a five minute clip yesterday on Redtube and was bored.There was no passion, chemistry, etc.Maybe the full length video will be better.

    1. I saw that clip yesterday too…It was blah. The trailer made it look spectacular tho. So disappointed…

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