He Came Over and a Serious Beatin’ Went Down

30_kassim_lgbelieve me,
that was the best picture i could find.
so that’s kassim ouma,
a former boxer wolf who got too many hits to the head.
he gave someone a 2 piece because he was flirting with him.
it wasn’t the “flirting” part that caught my attention,
but moreso how it went down prior

Law enforcement sources tell us … the former IBF junior middleweight champion is telling investigators … he was hanging out in Hollywood early Friday morning when he struck up a conversation with a guy he just met. 

Ouma says the two went back to the other man’s home for a drink … where the guy allegedly made a pass at the boxer. 

We’re told … Ouma claims he politely declined multiple advances … but says when he got up to leave, the guy made one final move — and Ouma shoved him away. 

The altercation then escalated … with Ouma allegedly knocking the guy out cold. 

Cops were called to the scene — where the victim was treated and transported to a nearby hospital. 

Ouma was ultimately arrested for felony battery causing great bodily harm. 

We tried to contact Ouma for comment — but he’s still behind bars.

tumblr_n4couqAAwU1rdbl17o4_250um so wait tho…
hole up wait a minute hole up wait a damn minute.
he goes back to some jackal,
who obviously has cataracts,
crib for some drinks after a night at a bar (i assume)?
then he has the AUDACITY to get mad,
because get this,
the jackal with cataracts tried to get the “d”?
i’m already done with the story.
ima need kassim to stop hanging out at gay bars in hollywood.


lowkey: if i meet YOU wolf at the bar,
and for some odd reason i’m out my right mind and buying you drinks,
oh i’m getting that “d”.
you dooooooooooooooooo know that right?
its already on the receipt after i paid.
“the wolf comes up off that sausage.”

article found: tmz sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “He Came Over and a Serious Beatin’ Went Down”

  1. I don’t get it either. What the hell did he go to the dude’s house for? To play X-box or something.

  2. maybe dude is just slow and didn’t expect to be hit on after all that. you know boxers take some licks to the noggin.

  3. Nobody goes to hollywood early in the morning unless they going to get some D’s or their D’s suck or drugs. And “if” he just met the man then why he went to a complete stranger’s home. It smell fishy.

  4. This seems fishy alright. He went back to the guys place for drinks! Why–if you’re not gay–do you do that? Did the boxer expect a game of Parchessi after midnight? If the guy was knocked out, then who called the police and how and where did the police find the boxer? I suspect that the boxer went to the guys place to fuck the guy or to have the guy fuck him or to suck the guy or to have the guy suck him but then changed his mind and what happened next, I’m not sure. It could have been a classic case of gay bashing by the boxer or the guy may have been horny and wanted the sexual activity from the boxer and perhaps stood in front of the door and blocked the boxer’s way out, etc. Who knows what happened?

    1. Right. I am really interested in this story. It doesn’t make sense. A Wolf knows that if a dude approaches him, and then invites him back to his crib, that wolf knows he is about to get some ass lol. The one doing the approaching has to assume that dude is straight, but he figures that after a couple of drinks anything can happen, which is true.

      This dude is DL. He knew what was up. A grown man is not going to go to another person’s house for drinks unless that person is a female.

  5. I googled this dude, and the first thing I saw was “Ugandan Boxer”. Didn’t need to read anymore into why it escalated.

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