Mimi and Nikko: The Winners of Ratchet?

tumblr_n4elfgvVyi1qhf9blo1_400so the sextape everyone has been waiting for has been released.
you can finally masturbate to #LHHPORN.
shit people who don’t even watch the show talkin about their sex tape.
even old people.
i’m sure everyone and their mama is trying to be the first to upload it to their sites.
well not so fast!
vivid is not playing with this one according to tmz

The “Love & Hip Hop” sex tape has overtaken the Kim Kardashian skin flick in popularity  — in fact it’s already the most pirated sex tape of all time …. according to the porn company behind its release.

The full length L&HH sex tape was officially released at midnight — and a rep for Vivid tells TMZ … in just 9 hours, the company sent out more than 1,200 cease-and-desist letters to websites that were illegally hosting it.

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch isn’t messing around either — telling us, “If you even try to illegally download this tape we will come after you full force. We have three full-time attorneys prepared and ready to go.”

As we reported, the anticipation leading to the tape’s release has been insane — pre-sale numbers were through the roof … totaling roughly $400,000.

Since the release at midnight, we’re told Vivid’s website has been raking in new memberships — averaging 15 new joins every MINUTE.

ratchet is making it’s rounds these last 2 weeks.
who woulda thunk two no names would generate this much attention?
there is hope for other d listers as well.
not even mad tho.
there is money to be made and pussy to be laid.
…and no i will not be putting it on any of my sites.
i ain’t crazy.
you can send it to me tho.
you know.
for review purposes.
check what they had to say in their first interview with wshh:

lowkey: if this dynamic duo is smart,
they would go ahead and make shower rods,
a sexercise video,
and a muzzle for nikko’s singing career while this going is good.

okay fine.
don’t twist my arm!
here is a very adult: ( x sneak peak )

article found: tmz

11 thoughts on “Mimi and Nikko: The Winners of Ratchet?

  1. look im not even sexually attracted to females but i’d LOVE to be in the middle between them….i think they’re a sexy couple and i love the fact that she’s having fun….oh well i cant judge them the only thing i dont like is that theyre acting like it wasnt intended to be released…everyone knows thats a lie when you have a professional team videotaping you….come on now…SN: Nikko can GET IT ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao

  2. They didn’t plan for this video to be released? My sarcasm detector is broken and I can’t tell if they were being serious.

    That teaser trailer, the professional who was buzzing around them in the bedroom, the footage of them sitting down in vivid entertainments office to discuss constructing this video and putting a price-tag to it. Did i imagine all of that?

    Unless their world star interview is totally satire and the joke’s really on me for taking her seriously.

  3. Seen it and it didn’t live up to its hype…May have to review it…Nikko can get it tho lol

  4. They really aren’t playing. Someone sent me the link and as soon as I checked it. It was removed.

    1. That’s the thing tho SETI. He goes back and forth from looking decent to looking weird as a mofo.

  5. That doesn’t even look like Mimi on the cover. That looks like a completely different woman.

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