Domestic Violence Will Get You Popped

stephenasmithso will ignorant views on it.
ain’t that right,
so can i be honest?

i haven’t really been following the stephen a smith story.
don’t judge me.
well i heard about his idiot remarks about domestic violence:

there are vixens out here getting their ass beat because they put too much salt in the rice.
cut it out.
i banished him for that point on.
anyway as much as i love stephen’s usually honest commentary on “first take”,
he went way too far towards “doofus” with his latest comments.
he ended up getting suspended for a week and won’t return until next week wednesday.
you know the crazy thing about domestic violence is…

… for some odd reason,
it’s ALWAYS the vixen’s fault.
she could be brushing her hair.
he hits her for no reason at all.
it’s still her fault for standing there in his way.
i hate when people,
especially other vixens,
would defend the abuser.
like who does that?
remember when chris brown and rihanna had that situation?
all the comments were:

“yeah rihanna provoked chris.
you know she from the caribbean.
she was probably in his face and he hit her.
thats what happened!
free breezy!”

tumblr_miafknnt8g1rkqbego3_400 whaaaaaaat?
like i know you want to fuck him and all,
but lets be real.
they was acting like they were in the back seat watching the whole thing.
even after chris started showing his natural waffle colored ass,
they still would have that cape blowing in the wind.
making him the victim for all the dumb shit he did.
it was beyond ridiculous.

whenever i meet a wolf,
i always ask these two questions somewhere in the convo:

“do you have unprotected sex?”

“have you ever put your hands on anyone you use to date?”

sure he could lie,
but i don’t even play.
see my ass is lowkey crazy tho.
you put your muthafuckin hands on me in a way thats not pleasurable,
ima make sure you die very slowly.
i will anti freeze THE FUCK out your shit.
do not put your hands on me!
i make sure to reiterate i don’t play that abuse shit.

i will never forget when i met this snow fox while waiting at the hospital.
this happened a couple years back.
i was sick and he sat down next to me.
i noticed every time he moved,
he looked like he was in pain.
i don’t know what made me start talking to him,
but he had a lot to tell me.
he told me he was an aspiring actor who wasn’t from new york.
he wcame out as gay and his family disowned him.
he ended up meeting some wolf and moved in with him.
well that same wolf started to beat his ass.
sometimes for no reason at all.
he never hit him in his face; only hitting him where clothes would cover.
he desperately wanted to leave,
but he would be on the street with nowhere to go.
he also said he went to the police and they didn’t help at all.
that shit depressed me heavy.
i remember coming home and telling star fox all about it.

i often wonder what happened to him.
if he left and tried to make things work in his life.
for men and women,
thats the reality of domestic violence cases.
you never know whats happening in your neighbor’s house.
even your own for some of you.
we are so excited to get with someone,
we end up getting with the wrong one.
people are too scared to do anything,
or like the snow fox i met,
stuck in a situation with no exit out.
shit is crazy to me.

x see story about stephen a smith getting suspended

17 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Will Get You Popped

  1. This is why it’s important to watch/listen to the WHOLE video/audio b/c it’s easy to mislead and misconstrue ( Shirley Sherrod anyone)! The segment was much longer than 2 mins and the discussion in question came up after the hosts, including SAS, mentioned how the NFL dropped the ball with his only 2 game suspension b/c of the DV. Then came up the topic about how reports indicate how Ray Rice’s now wife instigated, physically, the episode, which is why his punishment was lite. Backed by the police reports and other evidence, including her statement/confession allegedly. Some ppl said that doesn’t matter but SAS said it does, though not excusing Ray. That is the backdrop to the clip they’ve been showing everywhere! Clearly, very few watched the entire segment or his words would have been clear. DV is women hitting men too, and all parties should keep hands to themselves. If a woman hits a man, not all are gonna show restraint. That is the provocation SAS was talking about, and a woman is NOT guiltless in that situation

  2. No matter how much a woman gets up in your face…that’s no reason to put your hands on her. Walk away. If she still wants to act a fool after a few hours away…stay over a family member’s house for the night. My ex-girlfriend used to love to try and push my buttons when we argued, but I never fed into her mess because I would ignore her. Although it pissed her off to no end, it usually ended the arguments…and the make-up sex was off da chain! LOL
    Maybe Stephen will keep his damn mouth shut now (but I highly doubt it)! don’t care for him anyway. LOL

  3. Ray Rice just said what he did to his wife was inexcusable. He is correct.
    Not once did Stephen Smith say a woman should never hit a man.He said women shouldn’t provoke their man.Every man who has beat,shot or killed his wife has claimed she “provoked” him.My aunt was shot multiple times by her husband.She ” provoked ” him by speaking to a male neighbor.She” disrespected” him.Also his dinner was cold.
    If Stephen had said women don’t put your hand on a man and men don’t put your hands on a woman he would be on the air today.He did not communicate his views property. He stated that in his apology.

  4. It is so annoying that media and people only talk about a man A-town stomping a woman, females are emotional and they too A-town stomp as well. It’s always about the female “never put your hands on a female” a “real man never hits a female” what ever happens to the golden rule? How about not hitting anyone so no one has to defend themselves. Jude’s died for ALL of us he will judge ALL of us with out favoritism he won’t say your a woman so no hell for you. He rains on the just as well as the unjust and so do I. You touch me my pepper spray will rain on the females as well as the hermaleperdites and males. The end.

  5. For goodness sake, can we please stop with the victim blaming?! We must also realize that domestic violence occurs in all types of partnerships and affects people of all races and social economic backgrounds. Abusers are men,women, and people in same-sex relationships can also be victims of domestic violence. At the same time, statistics show that women suffer domestic violence, or are murdered, more often at the hands of men than any other group. And women of color are at a much greater risk of being victimized by men than any other group. 95 percent of all domestic violence or rape assaults are UNPROVOKED. It is extremely rare or someone to even provoke domestic violence. If you and your boo are in the middle of a heated arguement, using foul language, cursing each other out etc… and you get POPPED something is wrong w/ the person who is hitting you. If they hit you once, they will do it again. Maya Angelou famously said ‘when people show you who they are BELIEVE them,’ It is not a random act most of violence, but apart of a bigger pathology among the abusers. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for getting hit. But also don’t shame yourself by not walking away or seeking help/counseling.

  6. Heard about this, and he apologized the other morning for it. I hope ESPN shortens the suspension and he will be back Monday.

  7. He wasn’t talking about the douchebags that hit women for no reason. He was talking about how some women get in a man’s face talking shit, pushing and shoving, and then wants to hide behind her vagina. Domestic violence is wrong and so is a woman pushing a man to a certain point.

    1. exactly what i was thinking…these females and female minded men…go to extremes. He was obviously speaking about women who like to be the aggressors of physical violence then resort to dainty flowers when they get rocked….I hate when people play dumb…the women’s movement constantly undermines their goals when they act this foolish…

      and Jamari needs to cool it defending that stupidity. cause the only thing you’re doing is setting yourself up for victimhood.

      and isn’t it contradictory JAMARI to say you will defend yourself against a man that does you wrong…..but you WONT defend yourself against a woman that crosses that same line? WTF? that makes no sense.

  8. I don’t really care if someone is getting their ass beat. At least they’ll learn some humility. Scratch that, no they won’t. We don’t ever know the full story so we really shouldn’t be too quick to judge. I think both parties are at fault in some capacity.

    It doesn’t matter who stuck up for Chris because his biggest defender was the woman he beat. Rihanna took Chris back after she had literally all of America rooting for her to pay him dust. Either she’s stupid as fuck or she’s just that rebel that you all love for being herself and doing what she wants without a care in the world.

    1. Thank You. I say the same thing about some of these videos that are posted up online where people are getting attacked for shit they’ve done. When I get both sides of the story all I could do is feel sympathy for the victims and move on. I feel bad for women and men that go through this but I’m not naive to certain shit that goes down as the media and the camera always like to tell a different story.

      1. Exactly. I know a woman who threatened to hurt herself because she knew the police would believe her man did it. Also, some of these hoes be acting extra as fuck and need restrained. They don’t need to throw multiple blows, a headlock is fine tho.

  9. It is never put your hands on another person, unless you’re defending yourself. They are adults. If their parents or guardians didn’t discipline or chastise them, it is not your place to try and do it.

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