bubba wallace has something to say x 2

ya know,
the more this story develops,
i really don’t think bubba wallace had anything to do with this noose situation.
i mean,
the f-bi cleared him so what more do we need?
blood samples?
“where were you on the day mlk was shot”?
what else?

he released a statement via “ig“:


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and appeared on on espn “first take” to speak on the issue further…

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Domestic Violence Will Get You Popped

stephenasmithso will ignorant views on it.
ain’t that right,
so can i be honest?

i haven’t really been following the stephen a smith story.
don’t judge me.
well i heard about his idiot remarks about domestic violence:

there are vixens out here getting their ass beat because they put too much salt in the rice.
cut it out.
i banished him for that point on.
anyway as much as i love stephen’s usually honest commentary on “first take”,
he went way too far towards “doofus” with his latest comments.
he ended up getting suspended for a week and won’t return until next week wednesday.
you know the crazy thing about domestic violence is…
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You Slap My Ass Again And I’ll Put Your Ass In Handcuffs

tumblr_moiv0lqPDb1s6kexlo1_500its been 30 days already?
well no,
not really.
our fav ocho was released early from jail for whatever reason.
the judge had a change of heart?
did she like the check she was sent?
who knows.
tons of video below….

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A Tough Love Slap For That Behind

you got stephen smith going off for 7 minutes.
an f-bi sent me this yesterday.
i giggled.
you know it’s bad when they gotta dedicate a segment on first take for yo ass…

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Ochocinco Had To Battle The Boys Over At ESPN First Take

i wish they would go at breezy wolf the way they went at him.
he needs THIS.
chad held his own though on espn first take.
i’m glad this wasn’t a sugar coated interview.
they were coming at him at all angles with this interview…

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