Ochocinco Had To Battle The Boys Over At ESPN First Take

i wish they would go at breezy wolf the way they went at him.
he needs THIS.
chad held his own though on espn first take.
i’m glad this wasn’t a sugar coated interview.
they were coming at him at all angles with this interview…

Chad Johnson’s NFL career came to a crashing halt this summer following his arrest for domestic battery. The free-agent receiver is asking for one more chance on the field.

“I messed up. I messed up. Period,” Johnson said Wednesday on ESPN’s “First Take,” via Rotoworld.com. “I lost everything. Football, my wife, the family I had, over something that didn’t really mean anything.

“I lost that edge when my focus went away from the game of football. I know that. I understand that.”

Johnson’s very public divorce from Evelyn Lozada was made official in September. He has flown under the radar since, but Johnson talked Wednesday of a personal transformation and said he was “going to play again.”

At 34 years old and multiple seasons removed from tangible on-field production, Johnson has a long way to go to convince teams he’s worth their time. He has speed — we saw that with the Miami Dolphins — but he’s not a plug-and-play wideout at this stage in his career.

Johnson, of course, would disagree. In an open plea to front-office types everywhere, he made his case.

“Dear NFL teams,” Johnson said. “At any point — maybe not this year, because it’s kind of late and I’m still working on myself — but at any point next year, if you’re looking for my services, what am I bringing to the table?

“Humility. I’m quiet. And I’m always open.”


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ILBYmXMI-E]

chad and this “chile please” LOL

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unvuFdYKa0k]

“nfl extinction”
they went hard core on him.

one more video (bad quality)…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIi8aUk1gEM]


he sounded articulate.
thank god.

Do you guys think he will ever play in the NFL again?

lowkey: he couldn’t answer ALL those questions.
he had to word his responses carefully.
keys in winning a debate.

15 thoughts on “Ochocinco Had To Battle The Boys Over At ESPN First Take

  1. 1. He is definitely sexy as fuck and would give him the biz once or twice lol…
    2. LMFAO @ “Chile Please….” WTF?!?!?!
    3. I wish him the best of luck with his career, he seems sincere in his apology and disclosure, maturity comes later for some.
    4. Something that I have always said, HUMILILTY is often rare among men yet to me it’s so fucking sexy to see a man own up to his mistakes and set expectations for change. Being sexual chocolate helps too!

  2. You know what…Stephen A. Smith could get it. I just find him attractive for some reason. I don’t even mind his receding hairline.

  3. Supposedly the second woman he has hit…but he can catch a football so I guess that is what counts.

  4. One huge pet peeve about the media: they take no issue with beating a dead horse.

    They asked him the same damn question throughout the entire interview.

  5. I can’t believe I’m commenting on this, since I don’t follow foofball or Hip-Hop (even though I drool over pictures of that Cruz guy with New York), but I have to say it’s refreshing to see and hear a football player speak, articulately, and not sound like a cave man. Chad not only held his own with the interrogators; he looked damn sexy. In fact, even though I commented on his speech, in full disclosure mode, I have to say it was his sexiness that had me take the time to watch all three videos, with all kinds of warm thoughts running through my mind. In fact, I might even venture to offer my assistance in his recovery. Afterall, brothers are supposed to help brothers.

  6. good answers guys.
    i feel chad needs to be an analyst or actor.
    nfl is over.
    t.o has burned so many bridges,
    i don’t think they even want him to be an analyst.

  7. I respect him for keeping calm during the interview. He did get a little chippy, but he kept it in control. That’s very important for any player who is trying to make a comeback. For some reason I believe that they wanted him to spaz out and cause a scene on television to give the people and the media something to talk about.

    I want him to play in the NFL again because I think he deserves it, it’s that simple. Despite all the troubles he’s been through a second chance should be given to him from some team. Chad is different than players like T.O. because he knows how to keep his mouth closed and play the game. Yes, he does draw attention to himself with this antics, but of course all that was fun and games and nothing too serious. He had a right to be cocky and silly because he could obviously play. Like he said in the interview, he’s earned the right to drop a few balls. The issue is, once players get in trouble they are never the same. Michael Vick had that one good season with the Eagles and he’s been terrible since. He’s thrown so many picks and fumbled so many balls I would think he’s blind. Plaxico Burress can’t get playing time to save his life since his gun incident. It’s truly sad how these players get so off track that’s it’s no hope for them anymore. Maybe the Jets should sign Chad. We all know they will be going into a “rebuild mode” during the off season, at least I hope so. That would be the perfect place for him. He gets to play, and he will still get the attention that he craves because where he’s playing.

    S/N: He was looking fine in that suit, my god. He can get the biz.

  8. He could become an analyst. ESPN would likely hire him – plus he could give insight & access as a former player.

    1. I agree with you. Out of all the players without jobs, he’s the one with the most potential.

  9. Football is over for Chad’s sexy ass! Acting should be his next career or modeling or stripping or escorting!

    1. He’s not sexy. Stripping and escorting won’t work so well for him since he has that lil dick and sources say he doesn’t even know how to manage his lil dick at all, so he might as well just go B rated movies.

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