Joe Budden’s Peen Picture Has Some Leakage

 i won’t keep you from the package an f-bi delivered to me…


so that’s the little fucker that drives these vixen’s crazy, huh?
who woulda thought.
patiently waiting for the discussion that is about to take place.

lowkey: he says this was altered.
i hope so because this was not an impressive debut.

35 thoughts on “Joe Budden’s Peen Picture Has Some Leakage

  1. Iont think he’s that small, nor does he seem fully hard. But most people don’t know what an average size penis actually is – those porn stars & tumblr pics are the exception. Average is around 5-5.5″ I believe.

    He just doesn’t do anything for me.

  2. I agree with Javon, I dont see anything wrong with it. I think its perfect size. I wonder if porn has altered our idea of what a normal size penis is.

    1. Porn has changed what people think a normal size penis should look like.The thing about porn is, the men who do it get into the biz do it because they have dicks that are bigger than normal. Every man doesn’t have 10 and 11 inches of dick.

      1. Yup, it sure has. Also alot of dudes clowning him are throwing their own insecurities unto him ’cause his ‘short’ coming (which is average or probly a little more than) is being publicized and their’s isnt for the world to scrutinize. And then him being ‘rich’ (relatively) and famous makes them feel better about themselves for some reason. It’s sad. And alot of those girls clowning him ’cause he wouldn’t look their way even if they were down to do the ‘freakiest’ (relatively) shit.

  3. It is small AF but I can work with it…besides the big ones are over-rated anyway, I dont want my insides rearranged lol! Joey may have a great tongue and strock game plus he is hella sexy. I always liked him…the lil dick dont disqualify him in my book. OAN: When will these ballers and rappers learn that I’m the only one they should trust with their dick pics…I promise I wont leak them (well maybe to my friends in the foxxhole)!

  4. How do these get leaked? How many persons do you send them to for you to not know who ‘leaked’ them? That’s messed up tho, I’d never leak anything he gave/gives me :).
    I love joeee, he epitomizes sexy to me and it’s kool if he has an average dick. My dick looks like that when it’s soft but i a little more than 9 on hard.
    Either way he’s still hot, and he still got ass so it’s all good.

  5. What if he has a mean stroke despite the size…?!?! I’m just saying…y’all know he could get it!

  6. his twitter looks crazy, someone tweeted him saying he sees why he doesn’t listen to his music after seeing his dick, joe budden rt and said nigga said small dick makes him not to listen to so he knows his dick is little…but wait up, i thought it wasn;t him…no wait, its him but it was altered….or no we’re all dreaming thats not even a dick (the girl tweeted him calling him Shrimpo)

    1. They shouldn’t be picking on him like that. Men with below average dicks often feel insecure, especially since they can’t help it. If he were to hurt himself they would feel bad. I’ve compared dicks with friends who are a lot smaller than me. I feel bad because they ask me is it nice, and I have to lie just so I don’t hurt their feelings. That shit eats me up.

      1. LOL I’ve done this as well, we didn’t see each other though but it’s been discussed. Funny enough they were straight and super fine, girls do the stupidest shit to get with them but when it came down to it they were really uncomfortable and dissatisfied with being average and less than, even though they had the ‘rest of the package’.

  7. aww his peen looks unhappy. lol but for real it’s not that bad of a size he needs to chill

      1. Many of the ones laughing and commenting on Twitter will still drop to their knees and bless him.

  8. Lmfaoo this reminds me of that time when he was talking big game about how he doesn’t send dick pictures because when the dick is good, you dont need to know what it looks like or some shit like that. He could still get it though. Sexy ass. He could have at least trimmed/shaved his pubic hair to make it look bigger though.

  9. LMAO…..Jamari you tickled me when you said “the little fucker”. That pic was not altered, and that’s not a flaccid penis either. That is a semi-erect dick and no one will tell me otherwise lol. To be perfectly honest, his dick is not a bad size so he needs to chill out. As good as he looks the Foxes and Vixens should give him a pass.

      1. Would you still let him get it even though he’s not holding too much? I’ve always wondered do good looking men get by with average or less peens? Would 4 or 5 inches be acceptable for men that look like Devin Thomas, Ray Edwards or Chris Culliver?

        1. ^i like pretty peens.
          that looks lopsided and lonely.
          if you blink,
          you barely missed it.

          somehow i feel devin thomas has a small peen.
          the other two,
          because ripping their clothes off to be greeted by a slug.
          not even a garden snake.
          that makes me sad.

  10. Damnit I was JUST about to send you the scoop. Im in the road and saw that while browsin… Funny we was JUST talkin about him…… Why would he snap a softie? A grower maybe?

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