bubba wallace has something to say x 2

ya know,
the more this story develops,
i really don’t think bubba wallace had anything to do with this noose situation.
i mean,
the f-bi cleared him so what more do we need?
blood samples?
“where were you on the day mlk was shot”?
what else?

he released a statement via “ig“:


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and appeared on on espn “first take” to speak on the issue further…

when you look at this interview with jussie:

…and then look at how bubba’s interview,
there is a vast difference with the energy.
i’m sticking to my stance that he is innocent.

if more was to come out,
i may change my mind,
but i really feel like he his new name shouldn’t be “bubba smollett”.
this all seems like a misunderstanding,
but i can see why it would be misinterpreted especially during this climate.

15 thoughts on “bubba wallace has something to say x 2

  1. On breaking new FBI is showing the picture of the noose that was found in Bubba’s stall…thats a noose..pull down or not..

  2. I see the same thing happening here as I saw with Juicy Smollett. Woke gays falling all over themselves trying to defend, deflect, and rewrite events. But it doesn’t matter how many comments you write, or how many blog entries you make, the world now sees Bubba Wallace as a fraud. He went on Don Lemon’s show even after the FBI concluded it’s investigation to insist they were wrong and he was right. And what’s even more disheartening to me is the fact that some of you can’t see how the Bubba Wallces and Jussie Smolletts of the world damage us all as a community. You’re just so emotionally invested in this woke shit as if you’re making a difference by defending the indefensible and shouting down those who disagree, but instead you end up looking like fools.

    Rage on ✊🏽

  3. There are tons of weirdos in the comments lately. The pandemic is bringing out incels, neckbeards and raging lunatics. That last post on him showcased that.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I am glad you pointed it out. People are in rare form these days…even here in the foxhole.

      Ps. Is no one one going to mention how cute bubba is. He seems so corny…which I find very endearing.

  4. I believe he is innocent. Let’s remember it wasn’t Bubba who said he saw a noose. It was someone else. The images I’ve seen of the “noose” it’s just a small opening to put around a door knob. Nothing like the Jussie Noose, which could go over his big fraud ass head lol. This guy is being dragged because of what Jussie did…Not right!

    1. NASCAR brought it to him and said they think it may be, he never made a statement saying he found it. Thats the most important detail to the story. I guess a lot of people don’t have reading and comprehension skills.

    2. You’d think with all of this free time, people would have time to read basic details. But no, ranting and raving like the true lunatics they are. I know why Jamari allows them to post, so I’ll keep it cute.

  5. Robin knew how to put a puzzle together and see a hoax in the interview like “who you trying to fool with your late night Subway meal” and plus the FBI ask for phone records? Smoke in mirror. I swear the Bubba situation is coming off like an off stage WWF event.

    1. Bubba went on a media tour to victimize himself. He knew an investigation was going to come. Why didn’t he wait? BuddA Smollett

      1. That’s the point that no one is addressing or is choosing to ignore. even here in this comment section, everyone is focusing on the Jussie Smollet angle instead of focusing on the “victimization” tour. It’s easy to play victim these days because CNN outlets will create a stardom for you. It also detracts from the movement. There are legitimate cases that can get distorted with premature judgement examples. We have to not rush to judgment. He acted on hearsay information and created a sensation that now we have to walk backwards on. Where are the comments about that aspect?

        1. So, the photo of the noose, in question, was just released. Not going to lie, I had to choke on my own humility after my last post when I saw this. That’s a noose. No question about it. I don’t care how the FBI spins it. That is no pull device. So, I can see why the NASCAR President acted the way he did. This noose appeared in this garage since last October and nobody in the NASCAR community thought it offensive until now? Bubba Wallace just happened to be assigned to this one garage last week when no other black driver exists in the race?

          This on the heels of his recent protest against the confederate flag in the race. Call me stupid but this is all too coincidental to just be happenstance. So, on that, I support Bubba. I also still stand behind my claim that we can sometimes rush to judgement and Bubba, who admitted he never saw the noose, rushed when he began his media tour as victim afterwards. Both sentiments can exist at the same time.

          However, THIS IS NO JUSSIE SMOLLET.

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